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  1. My old man used to own one,wheels is wrong they sail very well.Looks like a lot of boat for the money.Taras excell at punching upwind ive sailed one at 11 knots steady downwind as well very powerful boats.Check the bilges very throughly for any corrosion in the add it says it has a needle gun on board so must have had some rust in the past.
  2. Island time is dead right have done that run a few times can call into New Plymouth if weather changes, usually 3 days to north cape.
  3. Good choice with the deep reef,putting up a trysail in a storm is a hell of a job.I put a very deep reef in my main and with a stac pac was very easy to use.
  4. One advantage of the stacpac is when you reef there is no tying off your sail it all sits nicely away.
  5. My father used to own chaos lovely boat I think she is now in Aussie,only had one wee issue rudder was too small and she would spin out when pushed hard downwind.
  6. I was down there 3 years ago great place .Get the user guide to fiordland called beneath the reflections all you need to know is in there.I went down the east coast as the weather didnt allow us to get down the west coast,more places to stop.Got pinned on Stewart Island for 3 weeks by the weather so be flexable and dont push it.
  7. Used to have a stacpac awesome system,used to get the end of the full length battens snagged when raising main,not a big issue.Also made it virtually impossible to use trisail which had it's own track on mast.Ended up putting in a deep third reef In mainsail.Fantastic system for single handed reefing just drop sail haul in out haul slip ring over hook haul up and done.
  8. If there is water getting in your sail drive rubber would be wise to sort it properly.Could be very expensive to leave it
  9. Done that 5 times it is dead right,bit early to head to stewart island though most people leave it till Feb.january is usually bloody windy
  10. Take some lengths of chain down to secure around rocks,saves your ropes chafing,I used to store rope in old sailbags.we used 2 old anchor ropes both 100 meters long.
  11. Trysails are bloody near impossible to put up in crap weather solo,I ended up just putting a deep third reef in mainsail much easier to handle.
  12. Beneath the Reflections,fiordland users guide
  13. Marlborough sounds are the only place a friend of mine ever had his mast smack the water and that was when he was anchored.Can get some massive blasts of wind in there.
  14. Couldn't even sell mine just swapped it for a 4wd,hopefully that's easier to sell.Shes a rich man's game owning a yacht now. Unfortunately I think the golden years of cruising are gone in NZ to many rules and regulations.Am selling everything and moving down west coast.
  15. I think what people conveniently forget is that the electricity has to come from somewhere,are we going to have to dam more rivers or burn more coal to produce it?
  16. Marlborough sounds are horrible all pine trees and slips,Abel Tasman is nice but overcrowded with kayaks and fizzys.Stewart Islannd and Fiordland are the best cruising spots in New Zealand by far.
  17. If your not clearing into a country why bother we go sailing to get away from bloody rules.only things I would think are necessary would be life raft and epirb on board.
  18. Each to their own but once I'm 70 or so miles offshore solo I sleep all night just pop open an eye once an hour to check ais if it says no targets it's back too sleep.Used to get all bothered and jump out of bed every half hour and scan horizon,all it does is make you sleep deprived and then you make poor decisions.
  19. wild violet


    Maybe he used to work for the council in nelson
  20. Best bit of kit ever for solo just open one eye if it says no targets back to sleep.
  21. If you decide to remove furler mark your turnbuckle with a felt pen makes it easy to get back to where it was
  22. I've found with my full keel boat with massive prop walk,I can reverse if I do it with bursts of power,small burst get moving put out of gear straighten her up repeat.Practice it's worth it.
  23. Plonk some carpet on your deck loosen your chain and swing the anchor up onto the deck,fast and simple.Or just tie your anchor up onto your pulpit.
  24. I got bored crewing doing the same course over and over and sick of the aggression coming from old fools sailing 40 year old yachts thinking they are Dennis Conner.Cant see how anyone enjoys it.
  25. Cheers km down here the council owns the travel lift and it costs a bloody fortune,I now use the motueka slipway about a third of the price and they leave you alone to get on with it.
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