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  1. Fogg

    Good idea?

    Certain Sunbrella colours last better than others in NZ sun. Navy blue and black do surprisingly well whereas reds bleach out v fast. I’ve had 10-12 yrs out of blue in the past although as IT says it needed 2-3 clears on the way.
  2. I know this because POA installed a new AIS system earlier this year (with Vesper) that monitors the position & speed of each individual pilot boat in their fleet and sends them individual warning alerts to their Vesper transceivers if they approach or enter a speed restricted area at excessive speed. But the system didn’t work properly and the personalised AIS messages saying “slow the f*ck down boat #3” that were meant to be sent to the specific pilot boat’s MMSI were sent to me instead. So as a ship either entered or left Auckland I would start getting multiple alarms (loud and annoying
  3. No I meant they break their own rules about speed limits and zones. Don’t ask me how I know this.
  4. I think that’s spot on. Well done. Don’t worry about the finesse of the wording it’s the intent of your message that matters not how you said it (thankfully this forum is not yet full of woke snowflakes so the focus is mainly on the meaning not the messenger)!
  5. Well if you’re not prepared to help the collective effort to help / change / improve things don’t complain about the situation then.
  6. Because enforcement approach can change in an hour. The bye-laws can’t. And as we’ve already seen if you send the authorities video evidence of a flagrant breach they will take action. If I was unfortunate enough to have to travel up & down the Laundromata on a regular basis I would set up a couple of dashcam cameras pointing fore & aft - and I’d have no hesitation dobbing in offenders.
  7. The pilot boats break the speed limited every hour of the day. I have evidence fir this.
  8. In case it helps, for the speed question where they ask you to give a reason for your response, this was my answer: It’s a dangerously congested zone with many (unreported) near misses happening every week mainly between fast launches and slower vessels. 12kts keeps this just about manageable. 18kts increase risk unrealistically. It is the same as asking residents if a 50 km/h urban street if they support an increase to 80 km/h and asking them “why not?”. Just think about it!
  9. It’s not in my backyard but for the greater good I did my bit and filled it in whilst sitting here in Starship. I did it online using my smartphone - was able to log in with my Gmail account credentials so minimal hurdles. Took about 10 mins end to end.
  10. Cool thanks. Yes those are preferred dimensions of individual batteries - which would enable 4x batts to fit into box to make up bank.
  11. On behalf (but might also be for myself soon too). What’s best value 6V AGM options currently around (to create 2x2 12V house bank)? Ideally: 1. 250Ah or more each 2. Max dimensions: L280 x W180 x H300 3. Fair quality & price ie mid-point
  12. The thread drifted into engine replacement advice (which you don’t need!) but wondering how you got on?
  13. Short-term Gulf Harbour berth available immediately until around 20 Dec. $30pd. Centre pole so easy berthing. Power & water inc. PM me if interested.
  14. Still available until approx. 22 Dec. Pls send me PM if interested.
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