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  1. Yes the harbour master has some real tossers driving around the Gulf for sure. I had an altercation with one of their guys a few years ago who pulled his book out to ticket me. I gave him a final warning that he was messing with the wrong person and to go away. He pressed on so whilst he was alongside me writing a ticket I pulled up his boss on speed-dial and explained the situation and how the HM vessel had failed to give way to the other stand-on vessel (me) on his starboard bow - and how I had video evidence. I showed the tosser who I was talking to and he went pale, put away his book of ti
  2. Anyone know if the plan is to fill it with permanent berth holders or keep a significant number of berths aside for higher paying (pro-rata) short-term visitors? Reason being due to its location I could imagine lots of demand for casual visitors (I would have used it last weekend for example instead of anchoring in Putiki Bay). I could also imagine a fair number of Aucklanders with holiday homes on Waiheke keen to park their runabouts which they’ve used to get the family + bags to the island each Friday afternoon. Until they’ve saved up for a Sealegs of course!
  3. Well done. More of us should do this. I have started price-checking overseas vs NZ for bigger / expensive items that I don’t urgently need yesterday. If it’s within 20% I but here but much more than that I order overseas.
  4. That’s a lot of animosity & resentment in the world these days isn’t there?!
  5. It’s a bit grey but seems to have originated from a rule most countries have that mast structures anywhere in the 100-200ft range (varies a bit) must have an all-round red light for low flying aircraft / choppers etc. Given many of these tall masted vessels (superyachts) travel around a lot it’s seems to have evolved into a commonly-agreed standard set at 100ft+.
  6. DP - it’s just not the same result without me hanging out of the other other side is it?! 😊
  7. And it’s close to high tide isn’t it?
  8. That’s to enable a single 32A supply to split across two 16A inlets - one does all house systems the other is dedicated to HVAC systems (of which there are two). If I try to run all my systems together I exceed 16A hence the split inputs. As another option, if I can’t get a single 32A socket then I also have 2x separate shore power cables so if necessary I can plug into 2x 16A sockets and run both cables to Fogg side by side.
  9. The last time I heard of a stray current in a marina full of allegedly inspected abs eWOF’d boats was last month on my marina around my boat - I did an unscheduled liftout of Fogg and found that my 2 new anodes fitted 2 months earlier were 75% gone. I had an electrician check over Fogg abs found nil leakage of my systems therefore only source was another boat near me. Upon enquiring around my berth neighbours they all agreed they had noticed their own anodes corroding mysteriously quickly. So I had a galvanic isolator fitted to protect Fogg regardless of what’s happening around me.
  10. Masthead light has to be red if 100ft+ above sea level.
  11. Sadly you need it if you want to plug into any marina. Because of the hundreds of boats that catch fire every year in NZ due to unsafe electrical systems.
  12. Suggestion. Before taking any action I’d suggest you ask the person you plan to do your eWOF compliance check. Because being the NZ marine services industry it’s full of ambiguity, vagueness and bad advice. Every time I’ve asked a different inspector for an eWOF checkup I’ve got a different set of answers. So I’ve learned to keep asking until I get the answer I like the best and go with that. Seriously.
  13. Often they are positioned inside cockpit lockers (with a cutout in the lid to allow the cable through). This is my setup typical on production boats I’ve had.
  14. I’ve not done this trip personally but lots here have so I’m sure you’ll hear some of their wisdom shortly. Meanwhile try doing a search on both marinetalk and cruisetalk forums and you’ll def pick up some good pointers.
  15. Snap. I’m looking at Torqeedo and ePropulsion units - they both seem to have pros & cons. I’m thinking to put one on the tender for our regular short distance boat-to-beach hopping around the anchorage. But having a petrol o/b on the rail for occasions we need more power / speed / endurance.
  16. The rule is / used to be that cutting the cord would give you enough slack to help retrieve a MOB via the side-decks. This was a rule I remember affecting racing boats in the UK 20-30yrs ago and before open transoms were mainstream. No idea if still applicable today.
  17. No we had a birthday party ashore got back onboard about 8.30pm. The noise seemed to be coming from a house ashore on the W side. We needed to be close to the ferry to minimise dinghy ride to the pontoon with family onboard in a big blow. Managed to stay dry.
  18. This stuff (been using it for 2-3 yrs). It killed off an early sign of bug in my previous boat after using a shock dose of 1L into a 130L diesel tank. Which saved me a lot of hassle. Thereafter 100ml each refill. Have continued using it in my new boat.
  19. I put in shock dose of 1L into my 250L tank at start of season. Thereafter 100ml every time I refuel as a maintenance dose. So far so good.
  20. Fogg

    Cruisair A/C

    Yes now it’s going again I will. I like that it has several modes hot / cold / set temp / dehumidify. That last one will be useful on those damp days.
  21. Is the one/ off marina on again?
  22. Yes the pontoon at Kennedy Pt worked well, thanks. Also an easy pickup / drop off point for taxis. It blew a bit whilst we were ashore so I kept an eye on AIS in case I saw Fogg moving. But the holding seemed quite good there esp with 50m of 12mm chain out in 3m of water.
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