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  1. Yep weather watch seems to give just that little bit more detail.
  2. ynot


    And with the coastgaurd app you can log trip reports.. And it works I've checked
  3. Do they see motorbikes the same way.... Insurance Wise? I wonder.... Been a while since I had a bike and rode.... Is the cost of insurance reletive to value more expensive than cars these days?
  4. What exactly is the reasons that tricycles are hard to insure does anyone know? There must be some factual knowledge out there on crew Seems pretty harsh to me.
  5. Avgas also burns slower than petrol... So ya big boom in ya boat would last longer.... I guess that means more bang for ya buck....
  6. ynot

    Dc charging amps

    Cool Easy then Ta
  7. ynot

    Dc charging amps

    Does anyone use an ammeter for observing charging amps from alternator? What do ya use?
  8. What if some have a tranducer offset at 2.8m and someone has one at 300mm.....that has got to be a recipe for disaster if it gets shared publicly. Sounds dodgy to me unless it is kept to your own boat and device.
  9. Nope... It died last night around 12pm. Really pleasent here light breeze nw... Water flat
  10. Ha that was us leaving when you where there..... Bugger about the water and fuel eh.
  11. Came to matiatia to get water and tried on bottom of tide.... But yeah-nah! A nice guy said grab my mooring and wait for an hour....good on him. So we draw 2.8 and he was just there and showed 2.5 Anyway have a beer and chillax we will
  12. Thanks for the offer but probably need 300lt and need go shopping as well. We will probably end up oneroa tonight. Grey hull and yep that's us. We need go matiatia get water... Can ya still get it there and how deep the wharf at low is.?
  13. Ok I'll look into orapiu Ta
  14. Grey hull and yep that's us. We need go matiatia get water... Can ya still get it there and how deep the wharf at low is.?
  15. Lovely day for a schoon
  16. Roger.... Oneroa flat but annoyingly puffy puffy
  17. BP Where are you.... Is it sheltered or puffy? Just looking for a quiet no wind spot? Ta
  18. Protest race the committee for..... Umm something... and ask for redress for stopping to respect the bylaws!
  19. Deep Purple started it by posting something about racing entries....his fault... Haha Bugger me look where it's gone.
  20. ynot

    Annoying buggers

    I will pass that on to the admiral.... I'm not aloud to touch the pegs! Apparently they are not consumables.
  21. ynot

    Annoying buggers

    Ha Maybe we need a hauraki gulf watch group for the piedys! Ha
  22. Bloody rivs that park right next door and runs genset on and off every half hour all day and all night through to next morning.....literally. Like it's set to auto charge or something.... Would think if ya can afford the boat you would have money for a decent battery bank. Bite my tounge.
  23. ynot

    Xmas cruise

    You in the northern hemisphere again?
  24. Does anyone have an old smev oven lying around... Looking for the front glass. It is a 7000 series Ta
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