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  1. bottom is clean.one just of wind from opposite direction and its over.
  2. If it is a drive in centre, be prepared for a sore arm for 2 days. I think its because you cant drop arm down to fully relax. Had it last Sunday and still felt it Tuesday night but bonus no flu symptoms
  3. harrytom


    Birds/Eels even whales ooh sharks and there migratory tracks are incredible .Yet I can get lost walking home from the club. Albatross,fly twice around the world and come home to breed from where they were hatched. and man thinks hes smart getting to the moon and back
  4. Yes you are right Marinheiro,just paid invoice and has a charge of NZ gst on it. Should arrive by Friday??No other charges.Who knows once it arrives in country though. Saved $800 by going to Aussie for it.
  5. We need to be logging our catch rates via some sort of app like comms do now,there is an app out from Fish4all,but advocacy groups firmly believe we do not need to file returns as the waste ffom cooms in unknown. What is unknown is what reccs actually take,yes niwa do occasional ramp surveys,mpi/fisheries check and measure occasionally but still we are a unknown quantity. Customary rights is not just for Maori anyone can apply,but what I would like too see is,no undertaking of size limit or taking of banned species (toheroa) or taking from closed areas.
  6. https://www.mpi.govt.nz/news/media-releases/east-coromandel-scallop-fishery-to-close-for-2-years
  7. Using an a stima box,hope you have put vent holes in it. Number1 done a similar thing but hidden under roof eve, sealed and sweated ,pie damaged from condensation. Nice work advark
  8. car computer,coming from aussie,sent old one over and been sitting in Melbourne 4 days now according to track n trace.NZ post so maybe another 2 weeks till my new arrives. Had to send of my system over so it can be mapped to new ECU. I have no idea just trust number 1 son and seller.
  9. Have some parts arriving shortly and my understanding under $1k no fees but maybe gst Before purchase went on to govt site that gave fee structure.
  10. kiwi grip being water/acrylic paint,should soften with meths. Dont envoy you at all. 2 pot maybe acetone?? Hit it with a heavy industrial water blaster??
  11. Any bearing shop will have "o" rings and just buy gasket material and cut out your own Oil filters any repco/superchep have them and if you pay more than $20 tell them too #$%^ off Thats for under 20hp Off topic but I approached Holden NZ for a price for a new ECU,$1500 + $150 mapping. Emailed a company in Melbourne $650 including mapping ,just need vin. Never buy off agents,most people to lazy to shop around and accept given price.
  12. Maybe the rules have changed this time due to the nature of this virus being unknown compared to last time over cautious?? Maybe ! I see no difference checking a vessel to exercising in park. The only difference is not all live locally.
  13. old post on subject https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/10188-drilling-a-hole-in-a-carbon-fibre-mast
  14. HaHa Hieght of summer Panmure river in 3 weeks regardless of what you use baby barnicles appear,must be all the nutrients from industrial waste??Fast flowing tide mooring seems to be worst.
  15. Just received notification that many of whom will know, L Vitali aged 94 passed away this morning.
  16. Up at the head there was a old house(1978) we went ashore to gather and this old lady come out and asked what we were doing.Told her. She took us to the house for a cuppa and hr later went back down. A comment was that we missed the tide. No you haven't ,now tide is coming in the pipis will walk ashore so no digging just pick them up. She was right.
  17. one would presume it would named after the millitary camp/headquaters being situated there.But why would you set up a millitary camp facing out to sea towards the enemy when islington bayor home bay would ofer more protection. Just guess.
  18. Well known for submerged rocks for as long as I can remember well over 30yrs never approach from the south.If wanting to day anchor always go northern side of island.Use to visit friends that looked after ymca camp site.
  19. Be interesting to know when departed or departed from. wouldnt all liveaboards. Are the marinas lock off to owners??
  20. How many NZ vessels have AIS or turn it on??
  21. Excellent book, once you get use to it.Shows every little rock etc.Then you realise the rock your loking out for is almost on the shoreline
  22. previous yacht had Cmap.Thought it great technology back in 1998 or there abouts till the first gulf war came along.Checked the Cmap thing and put us on top of motihe island.So paer and Cmap in conjunction in the end.But yes to Cmap.could zoom in/out was not as fancy as todays toys.
  23. Is it true that paper charts are to be fazed out in favour of electronic charts? Paper j do occupy a lot of room but with this world of wifi glitches and drop out zones would it still not be a requirement for paper. Had a play with nephews lorrance thing,yes gps/chart plotter etc but i just found paper so useful,to be able take position from his terminal and pencil mark chart draw course. I considered the electronic world as a AID only but ,as he sad "Your Fn old"
  24. female things and heads.Dont mix.You wont be the first or the last with that problem
  25. Very Good BP.The fork on the Starboard side,entering Whangaroa is interesting to travel up stream in a dinghy.Must do it again soon.
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