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  1. Who even new the preliminarily regatta was on?? First I heard when they announced racing was cancelled due to wind https://www.americascup.com/
  2. Have a chat to BG sails in Botany. they are the Hyde agent, My main was loose foot but had a slug at the leach which went in the boom,5 yrs ago $1200,2 weeks from placement of order to arrival,full batten cav26ft
  3. Talking to NIWA divers downtown who were carrying out some sort of study.the are more concerned with fan worm removal and will heading north shortly.BOI to do more eradication.Asked about dredging the calpulas weed and verdict was waste of time.But yes more likely we have moved it from barrier to others places unknowingly as not report to til 2 yrs ago.
  4. harrytom

    Birdsall Plans

    Sailed from Te kouma to Hooks bay(waiheke 23 yrs ago,owned by a guy called "Mid" , his girlfriend rambled on how he was a great sailor,comms fisher,He was an absolute dick. Why were we onboard?? went away with friends who wanted to stay on in Te Kouma and we needed to get back for work pybc,basic boat back then,no forward hatch and punching in to sw boat slowly filled up and continous bilge pump going, got to hooks,where crew my wife and I got off caught a taxi to maraeti and caught the ferry home,sat on trademe in Whangarei for months ,maybe 2yrs,not sure if it sold.
  5. painter ,buggered if I know why, but when you give another vessel a towing line it becomes a tow rope
  6. There 7 ropes on a sailing ship,1 is a bell rope, buggered if I can remember the rest. Arr bolt rope ,the rope sewn in to foot of sail that slides along boom,foot rope on a yard.most are from sailing ships,Learnt it at sea scouts 45 yr ago.might have to google it
  7. How did we miss David Crosby, January
  8. Yep theyre all dropping Gordan Lightfoot back in may
  9. The old boy had 10hp buck in a davo 28ft well under powered at maori rock in sw out going,had a 30hp fordson in 1/2 ton spencer 30ft never had a issue, yes to different weighted vessel 2 ft difference triple hp was comforting,hardly used it but good to know we could get home
  10. Seems like a opportunity for Baring sea gold dredges, they have the diving experience, needs to contained and dumped ashore
  11. Where is the precious AYBA/YNZ why are they sending this out to clubs members etc??
  12. raised its ugly head again https://akhaveyoursay.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/thelanding2023?
  13. lets see what he comes back with,asked the question🤣
  14. Topsides,from the waterline to deck joint imo ,deck is deck and cabinsides coamings top of cabin coachroof,then a bit confusion.The raised bits around the cockpit that hold winches etc are coaming too Probably incorrect though
  15. Too late the horse has bolted, carry on as normal.
  16. Wait till the insurance companies start asking for day skipper minimal cert or won't insure you.Give it 5yrs I think
  17. https://www.facebook.com/sevensharp/videos/836669401068372
  18. How often do glow plugs need replacing? Testing a glow plug To test the glow plug, measure the resistance using a multifunction meter or ohmmeter The wires are to be disconnected before measuring. The exact value of each plug varies, but a defective plug can easily be distinguished from a working one. If a current passes through and the ohmmeter shows a value, it would be fair to assume that the plug is in working order. If it reads infinite, there is an interruption and it would be fair to assume that the plug is defective.
  19. Reminds me of what my father said about Grandfather upon his return from www1,coromandel fill up the mullet boat(26ft h or i)? with fish,keep putting wash boards in till just enough room left in cockpit,go fast back to AK markets and race on Saturday By all accounts would row the vessel around with nets attached.
  20. Not me but thats the letter bill use to send to his brothers,was Principle at the school at Kawhia and back bullet ridden from france www1
  21. imagine turning up to a squady race with a dow or canoe,nightmare for handcapper let alone ynz inspector.😀
  22. Bottom trawling will not be banned or stopped Sanfords are negotiating with Aotearoa fisheries to take over Sandfords bulk trawling in the gulf. The Government will need to re negotiate the Treaty which was signed off only a few years ago that give Maori around 75% of fishing rights through the sealord deal. There is no bottom trawling in the inner gulf now,the line is Waipu to Cape Colville If this Government or any Government is serious about the gulf.There would be a 5yr moritorium for all,no fishing. It is a National park the Hauraki gulf(marine park) why can you t
  23. Google rover 6.8 and it will come up on a older version of crew.org https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/8633-first-trailer-yacht Actually it must have been a 6.8 I sailed on as I can't find a reference to a bigger one. Don't take me to serious because it was many years ago when I used to take people out for demos on trailer yachts for the local boat broker. What I remember was it was a pain in the ass to get on and off the trailer with the stub keel, and was quite tippy while sailing (prehaps due to the hull shape and the ballast being in the stub rather than the
  24. Found this interesting about square riggers,lots of commentray as filming would still be in infancy stage. 18 knots was the claim for one ship As my Grandfather said"Only a Horner can spit to windward".
  25. 43kg might a bit light,at 90kg in 15 knots I managed to capsize it.
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