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  1. 4 stroke Honda 6hp very quiet.not sure of price.
  2. Yes it will apply to customary take.no take.but won't stop those I volved in black marketing and we know who does most of it.
  3. the poor knights is a reserve and yes comms and reccs are fishing right along the boundary same Goat island,goat island is also subject to after hrs poaching. Said it before and will say it again ,if any group is dead serious about saving stocks.There needs to a ban from fishing 1 mile from the shoreline including outer lying islands.Yes it will affect those in dinghies etc but how else do you protect stocks??the qms is not working unenforceable Rahuis (not backed by MPI/fisheries)will only work for those of us who will abide but poachers/black marketeers wont care. There is not enough po
  4. Just wait.it will happen.seperate health board coming.alarmist I do not think so.There has been talk of iwi in-charge of foreshore etc when seachange was in talks and it was proposed that iwi.to have control of inshore fisheries.iewhether you can gather shellfish as a non Iwi. This was spelt out at reccs fishing meeting.
  5. Agree.something needs to happen now but the issue for me.will this set a precedent and other Iwi closing areas off with no consultation what's next ? Local beach locked off for Iwi use only
  6. Problem with Rahui is no one can stop you taking scallops but if the ban was put in place by fisheries different ball game.I believe part of the Whangaroa may closed to scallops next season.fisheries Have your say on a proposal to temporarily close the scallop fishery in Whangaroa Harbour and coastal waters shown in the map. Nga Hapū o Karangahape marae, Whānau pani, Ngāti Kaitangata and Ngāti Kauwau have requested closure of the scallop fishery in this area for a two-year period to allow time for scallop stocks in the area to replenish and regenerate. Email your sub
  7. Yep had that in North Harbour and a towel in te kouma.best holding was in man o war bay.oicked up a bloody cable
  8. should be able to buy from marine shop. 6mm or 8mm from memory,when fitting should get 3 rings in and do not line splits up. plenty of grease.should drip when motoring but not when stationary.
  9. Filed by email suggesting not just a Boi problem but entire north Cape to East Cape issue.stop allowing seinerss to take surface food.and how it would be unreasonable expecting sailing craft to maintain speed and to stay 400m away due to the curiosity of the mammals.
  10. Where can one find the consultation??its open now but where?
  11. And full of katipo spiders,but its ok only the female bite.
  12. must be some quality blades then.I ws using orange blade with very fine teeth. thanks. must do a bit more practice.
  13. Hacksaw blades Rule was, may still be to carry 10? hacksaw blades. Who ever dreamed this up has never ever tried to cut wire rigging. Had cause recently to cut 10mm s/s wire.Luckly at home,broke 3 blades,while cuting could see sparks,so in the event of an emergency think one would be stuffed,pitching sea way etc. Bolt cutters after several cuts nicking each strand eventually cut through it. So would it be better to carry a battery grinder and 12 blades?
  14. The reason they gave at the time was to much traffic for DSB. But you could transmit from virtually anywhere.
  15. so you dont the answer?? simple question following your statement"a person cannot tread water will pull you down"so what are you suppose to do??
  16. Still awaiting Kevins answer but not holding my breathe
  17. But the second statement says to rescue breath,thats the confusion. So which one is right?? Do not give rescue breaths. or Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  18. go see this guy,sth AK right?? holmes rd manurewa Have brought,begged ply off him and free advice on how too. 27 Holmes Road, Manurewa, Auckland 2102 South Auckland Boat Repairs Phone: 09-267 8498
  19. Hers 2 confusing statements from <r Google Drowning adult: Call 999. Perform chest compressions to the time of "Staying Alive". Do not give rescue breaths. Continue compressions until help arrives. Turn the drowning person's head to the side, allowing any water to drain from his or her mouth and nose. Turn the head back to the center. Begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on land, if possible, or in the water if the injured person needs immediate life-and-death measures. And what I actually thought was cpr with patients head tilted so water etc could dra
  20. harrytom


    Can you show photo to boat builder and see if it can be changed?? how much do they want for it or does previous owner anything about the original rudder?
  21. I often wonder how many times the rescuer needs rescuing and we just don't hear about it. I dont think I would of jumped but as you suggested toss a lifering/lifejacket anything they could grab hold of.Make sure a line was attached then you could(hopefully) pull them to your vessel and climb up ladder.All very easy to sit here in the calm but in a seaway things go wrong quickly as we all know too well. Might of mentioned it before. Took a group of scouts to a wave pool got one to jump and try and put a life jacket on. They all failed and could see why we insisted jackets worn at all tim
  22. harrytom


    from memory shaft would be close to 50mm,might be able to swap out shaft?First thing is you need to know is there existing shaft in your hull,has it just been filled.
  23. Do tell Kevin.What would you do?You wont know they cant tread water until you there and as you said not approach as they can pull you under.
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