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  1. Can some one tell me what is required when sailing north? i believe the northland council wants proof of recent clean off from vessels south of whangarei.need proof to enter whangarei tutukaka opua etc is this correct? and how does the coastal classic fleet get on?surely not every vessel would under go inspection or what about overseas vessel clearing customs at opua? may of already been covered else where but cannot locate info.
  2. with weather decided it would be a good time to do engine maintenance,oil/filter and fuel filter.Ah ha there's zinc in block somewhere,found the plug but no zinc,ok where has it gone too?found greyish remains in water pump so hopefully I got it all out.now have new zinc ready to go in.
  3. i have for my tender a honda 2.5?4 stroke just a word of warning do not let water(condensation)enter the centrifugal clutch area,to replace bearing was $400.but goes extremely well. my mate has a hidea 3hp?spent more time in shop than on water and he has been given 2 replacement engines with same result(maybe not ment for salt water?)
  4. interesting statement from the skipper at the start,when they reach tonga i will replace the crew. Had i been there as crew and heard such statement i would not of gone as he is saying no faith in crew(fear call) but why go offshore if not sure of crew. I personally would say one selfish man.
  5. Tends to lock up areas that small boats use .ie safe for families and shelter,the area around tirtiri matangi could have a benefit though,catch ferry to look at birds then a swim while waiting for ferry to see marine life. I accept this is not for everyone's liking but at some stage the government of the day must recognize the value of private fisherman and boaties in general.whether that be from the bait shop sparmaker engine repairer etc whether we fish or not . Our recreational pastime employees a lot of people directly and indirectly. I do not have all the answers,just putting it
  6. While someone mentioned reserves,is this what you want to see?I do not. http://whangateauharbour.org/2015/08/25/towards-a-marine-protected-areas-network-for-the-hauraki-gulf-marine-park
  7. If proven successful,can you imagine the returns to say Auckland. A charter vessel could go on a 4 hr trip with overseas guests who have limited time,catch a fish photograph and released.That fish could be caught 2/3 or more times and keeps adding value.ie accomodation,resturaunts etc. A commercially caught fish can only be caught once. Take a Kahawai for sport catch/release a heck of a lot of fun,whats it worth ?? Commercial currently selling Kahawai for 90 cents a kg So "Whats fishing worth" to the industry in the tourist and marine sector?
  8. http://asafishing.org/uploads/Comparing_Recreational_and_Commercial_Marine_Fishing_Data_Report_Summary_May_2013.pdf Comparing NOAA’s Recreational and Commercial Fishing Economic DataA report released in May 2013 by the American Sportfishing Association makes a powerful case that from an economic perspective, recreational fishing is just as important as commercial fishing, despite a much lower overall impact on the resource. According to the report, anglers landed just two percent of the total saltwater landings compared to ninety-eight percent caught by the commercial fishing industry.
  9. Google this report Comparing NOAA’s Recreational and Commercial Fishing Economic Data Southwick & Assoc May 2013 In the USA 1lb of fish caught by comms generated $1.57 added value 1lb of fish caught by recreational generated $152.00 added value
  10. The survey is primary of what we the recreational fisherman spend in pursuit of our sport. What the return in taxes,gst etc is worth to the Government compared to what commercial returns. The latest survey figures for tasmania are interesting and will see a comparison to nz. http://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/Documents/Whats%20_the_Catch_Brochure.pdf I have my personal beliefs with reserves such as goat island,accessible for all. A reserve would work at Tiri tiri Island in wharf bay where the ferry goes,go ashore check out the bird life and while waiting for return ferry sea fish in th
  11. I do not know the answer Kevin,all i know is we spend a hell of a lot money on new boats fishing gear accommodation etc and we employ a lot of people doing it,all about trying to get a fair deal,visit website and ask? tasmania has just released figure from 2011/2012 survey.550 thousand people in tassie,95 thou fish total spend was 95 million,new boats charters gear insurance accommodation etc 900thou fish in nz and our share is 65 of allowable catch while comms get 94% comms export about 1.4billion and take in value is about 85 million,so takes too much?
  12. http://www.givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/whatsfishingworth
  13. "wheels' would I be right in what i have done to blisters about the size of a 20c piece.Ground back to solid glass,let dry out and fill with mixture of resin and strands,sand fair in,epifill over top,under coated then antifouled,that was 2 yrs ago no sign since or is it still going to blister? whole new world to me as mostly gop or timber hulls. 30yr old hull and had slight vinegar smell.
  14. what about a bio fuel motor?then a separate tank for the adblu?suppose to be less carbon.
  15. with the amount of pollutants in tamaki river from run off storm water,you would think nothing would grow but it must be the fastest growing growth area i have come across
  16. maybe the manufacturers need to produce paint that actually works not just claim it works,what one uses in a marina(stagnant water) does not necessarily work in a river. Previous yacht had coppercoat,mud/slime on hull then barnacles get hold and so it goes on.only advantage if you have a fast boat it comes off or scrubs easily.
  17. went to a meeting last night and were told there is no more cleaning of hulls on grids,must be removed,thought that cannot be right and can find no new updates on ak council site,so am thinking go ahead and do it,heck not much they can do when tide is out and no signage!
  18. can you still use tidal grids to remove slime?or has council put a stop to this?
  19. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/auction-907316742.htm good safe davidson 28
  20. just had it clarified,need to register to have it sent out,but can buy off shelf once they have given you all saftey data rang head office as it seemed strange
  21. Thank You for the info on a side note.Who knew you have to register to buy antifoul paint,just did it at burrnsco?
  22. Ok IT,where do we get the correct information from?have asked a couple suppliers and they are in the dark but general consenses is are current vhf will work on the available channels we are currently using.My set needs updating but if I need to change who has the new sets?If i do buy a new set will mean another new set in 2016/2017?
  23. yes can confirm that we need to do nothing to our vhf radios,as our frequencies remain the same.maybe a issue if going overseas though.
  24. designer grinders and a couple others + dean,maybe the backers need to ask grant to move aside?
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