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  1. how often would you suggest to change water trap and main fuel filters?150hrs average yearly motoring
  2. harrytom


    as above,my oil light came on when idling so checked oil level,all good but very black so changed oil/filter now alarm is off so maybe i was lucky?
  3. thanks,did not realise 1/1/14 law change to mondayise anzac and waitangi,
  4. are you sure monday is holiday?anzac day not normally moved.
  5. yep we were heading to mahurangi Friday night,but at 11.30 pulled the pin and went to rakino,guilty,my masthead went out when turned on so did next best thing put on bright spreader light,masthead now fixed
  6. just found this thread,chatfield marine is still operating,just brought new shaft seal
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