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  1. Like the ram in the 1000 and 2000 ray models? I've got 2 of those as spare parts.
  2. though at 19kn it would have to look forward a long way to give you a chance of avoiding
  3. When I dropped the rig earlier this year we cut it away (just as well coz when I pulled the boat out for work it was obvious the rig had sawed into the back of the keel and into the hull). I carry a rigging wire cutter, ali handles about 40cm long, has the arcing scissor blades that close into a small circle. Very effective, better than bolt crushers. Hacksaw would have been bs bouncing around as we were.
  4. Whiting half tonner? I think Candu II might be for sale in Welly. Last I saw she'd been refit inside.
  5. drbob


    And what is aluminum an alloy of?
  6. drbob


    Is aluminium an alloy while steel isn't?
  7. drbob

    Sad sad news

    The fella with the beard who owned? Capital Books - I can't remember his name - is a sailor, owning a classic, moored on the piles at Seaview Marina. I saw him down at Clyde Quay the other day but unfortunately I was pressed for time. I told him Lizzie and Lolly would give him a run for his money in the Fiasco. See if you can track him down?
  8. Yes the vacuum pumps work well and are also good for other things like pumping bilge, emergency fuel tank The one burnsco has is good - that's what I got - but I think places like repco and super cheap auto have the same or similar
  9. The way I read it, KM, is you have to pay the $50 connect fee each time you hook in again after being disconnected for a while.
  10. 2m carbon bolt on prod suit Ross 930. Base fitting is currently s/s designed to fit over a tang on the pulpit, but simple enough to fit alternative mounting arrangement. Wire stays from tip via a single pair of spreaders aft designed to mount to tangs on stanchion bases. Successfully used through 4 seasons in Welly flying a fractional genny and furling fractional zero. I'll snap some photos this evening and post them here.
  11. Yesterday I went sailing. Bart put the new rig in on Wednesday. Gordy got the boom finished at short notice. Matty G did some fiddly bits. With Rodney yesterday morning we finished running all the other bits of string. Then we went sailing in a cold and wet southerly. It's good to be sailing on your own boat again.
  12. So it sounds like get a vsr that ISN'T dual sensing, get a MPPT solar controller (maximizes solar), and put in a three way splitter.
  13. The stbd engine charges the stbd start battery and, via the vsr, the house battery. The port engine charges the port start battery.
  14. The other boat has three batteries - 1 for the house and 1 for each engine. Starboard start battery has a BEP VSR connecting to the house battery. I didn't install the VSR and I can't tell what model it is, except it's not labeled as one of the newer DVSs and it doesn't say it's dual sensing. Now I've hooked up a solar panel via a regulator to the house battery. Just checked the house batt and it's at 13.7 v. The solar regulator indicates its giving float charge. The VSR light is on indicaing it's operating, and the start battery is also showing 13.7 v. The other start battery is d
  15. Airship has been running fixed prod for a couple of seasons now. Replaced with a retractable last month. Dropped the rig back in April so made sense to replace with carbon and set up for masthead gear. Still running the standard keel and will do that for the coming season with idea to replace it next winter.
  16. Canting - where's the fun in doing what all the others have done. Hence no triangle for us this time.
  17. Oh dear Regret to say, though I was interested in entering the race, I have other developments which I need to allocate funds to, so won't make this start line on the 'ship. But I sure will try to get a ride with someone else.
  18. If a troll makes a post in a forum where everyone has blocked him, is he still wrong?
  19. I didn't know you played. But, ahhhh, yes, that's better
  20. http://www.westmarine.com/ring-buoys/ta ... --11050283 if it's what you need, and you want to buy, pm me because I have something to come from the US via YouShop and this could possibly be added to the parcel
  21. got it apart managed to separate the gearbox, which took the off centre weight off it, then a bit of persuasion and out it came big hole in the foredeck, just in time for the rain bit munted really
  22. Ah, found this doc on Nilsson site: http://www.jamesnilsson.com/files/docs/ ... ndlass.pdf which I think means it should all drop out from below after all the top gear is removed from the shaft.
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