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  1. No bridge before WRE marine centre. There is a lifting bridge before Town Basin marina (opens on demand except rush hours). Both are about 9nm up the Harbour from the mouth.
  2. Definitely a sad day for the city as well. The port was hanging on a bit as the 105miles up the Chesapeake added a lot of cost to carriers. This could be the death knell. Over the years we sailed under that bridge many times, Also Wed night racing the harbour side for about a dozen years. It is a busy port and always fun. Was often cat and mouse with the ship movements and interesting to see if anyone got an immediate disqualification from5 honks -and it did happen
  3. If you want to drive north of the Brynderwyns then Rob Harrop at RH Engineering on Port Rd in Whangarei has made me all sorts of custom pieces out of custom materials and at a good price.
  4. rjp

    Lanolin available

    Thanks Wheels. I’ll call KM or Alan next week. Cheers
  5. rjp

    Lanolin available

    Thanks Wheels. I PM’d KM last week and had no response. The person who answered when I called earlier had no idea and KM wasn’t there that day. I clearly need to go back to TM and check what spelling I searched with as that is just too obvious.
  6. rjp

    Lanolin available

    Thanks for the name. I had not been looking for ProLan. I will check it when next in town.
  7. rjp

    Lanolin available

    This thread is a bit old now but does anyone know of a current source of ‘good lanolin’? I’m in need is some and not having any luck locally in Whangarei. Thanks
  8. rjp

    GelPlane Hire(?)

    Flit, I am aware of one in Whangarei. The owner is out of the country but returns in the next week. Send me a PM and i'll try to connect you
  9. rjp


    BP, where did you see those breezes? We left Whangarei around 7am, saw 13 briefly on the quarter around Patau and rest of the way saw less than 10. Ended up motoring around Brett about 6 in a glassy sea. Still a great day but never saw the 15+ that was forecast.
  10. Friends arrived at the atoll immediately after the grounding and then spent a couple of days trying to help with the refloat efforts. They have expressed that the skipper had been warned in simple language not to anchor their by the locals but had a 'I know best' attitude. The result of not trusting local knowledge....
  11. We lived on the US East Coast for years (Maryland and further north). I went through this process for more than a decade and never had a problem. But, I kept the water in the tanks at a percentage of antifreeze that would be expected to form slush and not freeze solid (ratio depends not he batch and I would use the recommendations on the bottle). My worry would be what happens when you dilute out the antifreeze in the lines with the fresh water -while you may not mix it intentionally a few weeks of freeze thaw in autumn before the big freeze will mix it pretty well (don't close the valves t
  12. Thanks Frank. I had passed on Mike Menzies name to them already but I had not done so with Hutcheson's. An estimate had been given to them (not sure if it was someone in Opua or Whangarei) of $35k. With that sticked shock I can understand why they are thinking of doing this themselves. Thanks
  13. Friends have arrived in NZ from Germany and have an osmosis issue (late 80's Swan). They are wanting to plane the hull back to bare glass, let it dry, fill/fair etc then apply barrier coat. Having known them for more than a decade, sailed around the Atlantic with them, worked with them on keel repairs after a grounding, rewiring, plumbing and general maintenance I am confident they have the skills to do the job, just not the tools at present. What we are trying to find now is either somewhere that they can rent a gelcoat planer or, if necessary, purchase one. The fall-back position is to h
  14. I know what you mean. Having spent more than 2 decades in the US I too miss that government information availability. Interestingly I have, with poking around, found there is a whole heap collected here in NZ but the big difference is no government agency (local or national) seems to proactively put anything they have collected out there for the public. They all try to hide behind a 'user pays' or 'register before we show you' or even worse a 'we'll tell you if you file a FOIA request' curtain. The US philosophy of your taxes paid for us to collect it so we'll make sure you can see/use it
  15. Aren't we talking about the simnet lead on the back/inside of the deck plug fitting (what would be inside the boat) -also has power connection wires? Or, has it changed and is it now directly on the TP32 and exposed in the cockpit? Yes I assume it would void the warranty on the deck gland fitting but thats just a fitting not the TP itself. Isn't it pretty normal for any brand to tie into a backbone close to where the cable enters the hull? I certainly dont recall any brand of tiller pilot I've worked on having a multi-metre length on their deck fittings.
  16. CH, Its prob 8y since I encountered and solved this problem on a friends boat (Simrad IS20 wind & compass, Airmar DST800 depth/speed, Garmin MFD). My memory is that the simnet cable has the exact same 5 [EDIT it is four wires and shield is the foil] wires in it as N2k. We simply cut off the end of the extension signet cable and attached a field installable maretron n2k adaptor. Confirmed by a quick search; https://www.panbo.com/n2k-cable-mixing-not-a-big-woop/
  17. we were very similar to Clipper with our son. The only extra thing we did was install a couple of pad-eyes so we could attach a car seat to the cockpit on the aft facing cabin end. If the wind was enough to heel we put him in the seat. he loved being able to see everyone and be involved. for us not having to think/watch where he was crawling to just took one more stressor off. worked until about 2.1/2
  18. Clearly what I wrote was poorly worded. It was not my intention to malign the companies owners nor to imply they didn't care about keeping/protecting employees. I know from experience retaining a trained quality employee is ALWAYS cheaper and better than trying to replace them -No matter what the cause for their leaving. It doesn't ever help an employer (or the bottom line) to have machinery broken due to improper use, to have staff numbers down due to stupid mistakes, to make people not want to come to work because conditions make them uncomfortable/scared. My intention was to suggest
  19. I only returned to NZ 3 years ago, after a couple of decades in the US East Coast, but those numbers seem appalling large -at times I worked home renovations, sailboat rigging, hi-tech facility fit-out. US figures have been running at ~35 total recordable per 1000 (https://www.bls.gov/iif/oshwc/osh/os/ostb4732.pdf, data is per 100 in this table) with the 'construction/agriculture/dangerous' industries about double that. Yes, Im sure you can argue the stats are measuring slightly different things but I have not seen, heard or observed a single case where productivity here has been bette
  20. rjp

    Bird deterents

    We were having problems with Seagulls in the BoI and Swallows back here in Whangarei. For the last 3 seasons we have had 2 Gullsweeps installed (1 hanging in fore triangle and 1 on boom, 10.5m boat) and have been dropping free. So far after 2 summer seasons they are holding up fine in the UV. Long term -too soon to tell. When we lived on the E Coast of the US I knew people who had had them for 6-10 years and they still worked (out all year). A bit pricy in NZ but can be ordered direct and if buying 2 it is cheaper.
  21. Wheels said: BUT PLEASE NOTE: If the boat is sitting, the Hull will get dirty. DO NOT expect the surface to remain clean. It ONLY CLEANS when the boat is underway. If you want clean while sitting in the Marina, then the only other type is self ablatives. This has been our experience as well. But, I would caution that we have found that when there is silt in the water, that in turn settles on the hull like a tan slime layer' then nothing really works. A self ablative won't properly erode/dissolve away if it gets a coating over it. Unfortunately in Parua Bay this is what we live with an
  22. Not so sure about that when push comes to shove. Yes availability of free time and disposable income is a critical element. But, I think there is much more 'whats in it for me' now compared to the 60's, 70's and 80's. I have seen more than once, and sailing friends at different clubs have said the same thing, the older members stymie expenditures/plans that won't benefit them directly. The refrain 'if it lasts 5-10 years thats good enough as i'll be gone by then' seems to be heard pretty commonly. Spend money on new training boats, provide free or subsidised membership to high school or y
  23. I used to use YouShip regularly but changed to Ship2U.co.nz about a year ago. I have been much more impressed with their repacking and multi-parcel consolidation compared with YouShop. They have agents in Auckland (are part of Aon) and have been quick to respond to questions and to answer phone calls.
  24. rjp

    Solar regulators

    I have been using a Genasun GV-10Pb controller on a Solbian SL-80 panel for 6 years. I have been very happy with the Genasun performance and also their support (even since Blue Sky purchased them). The one limitation that may affect your ability to use them in series is that there is a 34Vmax on the regulator. 180S -where are you planning on getting the Genasun (I was living in the US when I purchased these pieces)?
  25. We find a few Tablespoons of white vinegar in the empty pee bottle before installing in does the trick. We also use a 1:5-1:10 diluted white vinegar as a spray to wipe out the bowl of any urine drops or #2 streaks after use. That loo paper joins the used in the dry waste that we bag every 2-3 days. With this regime we have not had any smell from the head, pee bottle or solid waste.
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