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  1. I remember one fireball where the correct amount of rig tension was that which would just still allow the center board to be moved
  2. Yep, always makes me chuckle as they don't live on waihiki
  3. When you said you had bought a green trimaran I thought it was timberwolf...
  4. Ed


    I think it is crush damage, as the damage starts in the middle of the case and radiates out. There is no tension connection between the middle of the board and the case If it was tension, I would have expected crack to form at the ends and work in. What is key here is understanding what the failure mechanism was: too much flex in the bottom of the hull causing the fibre grass to break? Opening in the base of the hull too large causing point loading of the board onto a part of the case? localised crushing of the core behind the board (unlikely with ply, unless it has got wet and a bit sp
  5. Has anyone got a car to suit the Ronstan series 32 I Beam (RC6320) track that they would be willing to part company with?
  6. I'm still trying to think of a one design class in nz with 11 effectively identical boats that could get cat2..... S34 maybe? Not particularly identical these days Y88 - long way to gissy in one of those Err....
  7. Was that this year?
  8. It's a local yacht race with local boats, so a local handicapping system is appropriate. The cost and hassle of IRC isn,t required, espically so for endorsed.
  9. Yep, forestay tension is all about mainsheet We werent playing the main sheet up wind, just the traveller
  10. The rudder blades are pretty good, nothing major on either. It's not a stall, the reason I say that is earlier in the race we sailed through a wake or something that tripped the flow on both rudders, wierd feeling, like there as nothing attached to the tillers. A quick wiggle of the tiller, the flow reattached and we were again. We didn't have any issue boosting downwind with the kite on either gybe, so I'm thinking more and more its a daggerboard issue
  11. Port for us - something weird going on....
  12. If I had weather helm on both tacks I would indeed be looking very carefully at the rig. we were on the no2 jib, and sheeting was consistent, its was on every tack that port had weather helm, starboard was finger tip control. If it was a foil or rudder rake, I would expect to feel it on both tacks, but I'm not (cassette rudders by the way, so no chance of kicking back. It seems to be pointing towards a foil twisting when loaded in a particular direction, time for a close look at the rudder cassettes and daggerboard cases for cracks
  13. Flatish water, we were beating upwind so the tide effect was irrelevant
  14. Sailing the GBE last night upwind with enough breeze to fly a hull. On one tack, helm was pretty neutral, with a bit of weather helm coming on when we started to lift a hull. On the other tack, there was a lot more weather helm before we even got close to getting a hull out of the water Any suggestions as to whats going on? Both boards were down, jib sheeting was the same, traveller trim was the same....
  15. And for upwind, you would usually wind it in until the leach is almost up against the spreaders and leave it there. If its windy enough to fly a hull, let it twist a bit and play the traveller to keep boat on its toes. There is a school of thought that sheets closer to the centre line, but that can get very sensitive to stalling out the main, espically if the main is a bit older and has a bit more draft.
  16. 7 degrees seems to be the accepted wisdom Are you coming out to play on Wednesday night?
  17. Ed

    Drag Race

    Soon to seen on the waitamata harbour....except with an Orma 60, and a certain red and white colour scheme.....
  18. Ed

    what is?

    Bucc24 with folding longer floats
  19. Predictwind, well worth the cheapest subscription of I think 19 dollars for the year, targeted at the sailor, also get wind contour map, observations with 48 hours history, isobar maps, really really good and a local company to boot No affiliation, just a happy customer
  20. The idea with these foils is to generate extra righting moment, rather than lift the boat clear of the water, so you get to eek a bit more power out of the rig. From what I understand the window where they show significant benefit is quite narrow, but that window is optimised for the wind angles expected due the round the world race. So round the cans, probably slower, doing what there were designed for.. the VPP's are says they will should be a couple of DAYS faster around the marble!
  21. Get a gunboat G4 for cruising...
  22. http://youtu.be/E3on5CYbZP4
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