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  1. Ed

    2017 Rum Race

    Forecast looks fruity, 20kt southwestly!
  2. Ed

    Winches for sale

    https://fostersshipchandlery.co.nz/products/harken-winch-aluminium-1sp-b8a These?
  3. You pay for the guarenteed berth space, not a guarenteed parking space. Weswthaven has a much nigher ratio of parking spaces to berths than most places, although I can imaging the north side is under a lot more pressure than the south. I can see both sides of the argument, common theme seems to be the comunication. A friendly word at the appropiae time is far more palatable and effective than notes under the wiper which in being faceless tend to wind people up.
  4. I had a Yammie 9.9 4 stroke hi thrust in my GBE, was the gucci one with power tilt and start from a remote in the cockpit. For cruising and short handed stuff it was absolute gold. Had the prop where the exhust vented in the opposite direction when in reverse, so had loads of bite, and you could stop the boat on a sixpence. (You could also just about throw people off their feet with the amount of grip the prop had from a standing start Max speed (about 7kts) was no different really to an 8hp 2stroke, but you could motor directly into 30+ kts at 5kt of breeze with no problems at about half
  5. Nothing more expensive than a cheap boat. This, however is a bargain https://touch.trademe.co.nz/motors/listing/view/1481193685
  6. Ed

    New Sails

    There is usually more benefit in using a local loft that can give good service than trying to pick between the brand names, although is there a loft in Dunedin anymore? if realibility over price really is a driver then north 3Di is about the most bullit proof option out there, there is a reason the majority of the round the world racing fleet use a varient of it, but be prepared for some sticker shock
  7. Ed

    Crew.org Rum Race?

    Is there a theme this year at all?
  8. Just had a 1/2" 31600 stainless bolt fail after 10 years of cyclic'ish loading, went just below the nut and looked suspiciously like fatigue that had propogated from a small crack in the thread root. Time to replace the other 15 in the spirit of preventative maintainence ????
  9. 9 hours 36 minutes and drinking rum before sundown on Friday ????
  10. Ed

    Winch maintenance

    The stuff out of the lewmar winch grade pack looks and feels remarkably like bog standard ep2 Grease. A bit of 3 in one oil for the pawls as Eric suggests and you'll be fine. Servicing winches 6 monthly or yearly is easy. Every 5 years takes a lot longer!
  11. Top tip, the thermos was still hot at 8pm for coffee and rum ???? We averaged 13.6 on the way up, and 13.4 on the way back. We were only 2up on the way back and went through the hen and chicks for a change of scenery ( and because we couldn't get above then with the masthead kite and couldn't be bothered taking it down)
  12. I would hazard a guess those pads are some variant of tufnol, a phenolic cotton laminate if memory serves.
  13. Big high just about to roll of aus and into the ditch. SW next week but steadily dropping. Looks like it could be a drifter at the moment
  14. The multihull start is going to be an interesting place to be this year:/
  15. Storm is so bad we have even lost power in titirangi
  16. No, its a charter base hence the identical boats
  17. He's quite correct, you can, but only if you are not wearing safety glasses or gloves, and have removed the handle and taken the guard off of the spinning wheel of death first. Safety stubbies are optional
  18. Rub gently with a chainsaw
  19. 25:1 by my calc, 24:1 through the Cascade, plus 1 extra fall
  20. Yet when the High Hazards Unit (part of worksafe) show up to my tunnel site, they specifically ask to see RCD test records. Horses for courses maybe but we are obliged to regulary test (and record) all RCD's.
  21. Clockwork Orange.....?
  22. A little birdie told me there might be another Mod 70 and another ORMA 60...busy start line
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