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  1. Beta and Nanni and just about everyone else use the same concept Beta: Nanni notable that they both use 3 bolt end caps compared to the Yanmar's 2 bolt. Maybe they figured out these are a problem. The guys at Moons said they believe all the European assembled marine engines source their Heat Exchanger/Exhaust manifolds from an Italian OEM supplier, Mota. Fogg's turbo Yanmar is different, those are assembled in Japan c.f mine which came out of Yanmar's Netherlands factory.
  2. The engine is 16 yrs old, but has only been in service 6 yrs, 1000hrs. The more i look at this the more I am convinced this was a manufacturing/assembly defect. When the weld repair is machined they will ensure all parts mate perfectly. If you have a Yanmar, have a good look around those end caps - noting the turbo versions have a quite different heat exchanger
  3. Posting this to maybe help others avoid this problem on the Yanmars and other engines with aluminium body heat exchanger/exhaust manifolds. This is my Yanmar 4JH4E A few months ago I noticed salt crystals forming around the forward HEX end cap and and when pulled apart this was the situation and yet the rear one is just about in perfect condition What is noticeable is that the corrosion is on the part of the face between the clamping bolts. Will need to check if the face of the cover plate is dead flat. Hoping that Rocke can work his
  4. so with all of the combined "expertise " here, have you been able to narrow down your choice?
  5. Archangel often takes up "residence" off Buckleton's Beach in the summer
  6. that's correct, his workshop looks like a classic electronics geek's hideout
  7. There's a Chinese guy in Te Atatu who is quite good at fixing that sort of gear, http://www.efrontier.co.nz/estore/index.php?currency=NZD
  8. looks like Sunbrella. any of the cover guys eg Bill B could make one
  9. yes, Pete has always preferred ally dinghies. I went for a row in that dinghy when he first bought it and found the rowlocks were in the wrong place - too close to the seat. The Young 2.8 has the same error in its design
  10. It's a bit like the options of do you want it 1. fast, 2. light and 3. cheap - you can have 2 of the 3 The Ocean Tender is rowable but Russell has always been clear that he optimised the design for motoring, which results in quite a different hull shape - a dinghy for rowing needs some of "rocker" in its fore and aft bottom shape, whereas a planing boat needs straight lines. All the old ally dinghies had planning hull shape, except for the diabolically unstable Parkercraft pram bow dinghy
  11. your brief sounds very much like the one Russ Carlyon gave himself when he conceived his Offshore Cruising Tenders https://octenders.co.nz/. He looked at aluminium but it was too heavy for the weight he had in mind. Given his experience with composites it was a no brainer for him to go in that direction. The fender on OCT's is some sort of closed cell foam, inside a Sunbrella cover. If you wanted a hard dinghy and don't want to pay the OCT Rolls Royce price for a high quality product, you could build/have built an aluminium or plywood dinghy and fit a similar fender to the OCT - just need
  12. I should have read your post better, yeah 50mm will be a bit of a mission. Try these guys, they have just about every hose under the sun https://hcdflowtech.co.nz/
  13. Burnsco and Smart Marine carry the white stuff
  14. This is correct. The only exception is if you have a little Inverter or Honda generator where the power outlets are 3 pin sockets. This then gets very grey if you connect to a hard wired system. By the way, none of the small generators, and only the top end (eg Victron, Mastervolt and maybe one or 2 others) inverters are AS/NZS3000 compliant, they are supposed to have the earth and neutral connected when in service. This Off Grid supplier correctly recognises his obligations https://powerandwater.co.nz/questions.html If you want another example think about an event in a park whe
  15. You need to read up about Prescribed Electrical Work from the act: (c) is the key, as soon as you are considering a hard wired connection to a power supply (that could be the grid, a generator, inverter or any other source of AC power), then it has to be done by a licensed sparkie. NZ and Australia are very restrictive about what a DIYer can do electrically.
  16. 50V is the cutoff, above that and any installation (on or off grid) has to comply with Electrical Regulations and associated standards DC installations on boats built after 2008 and 2014 have to comply with the respective revisions of AS3004.2
  17. they appear to be taking an increasingly broad view of the definition of a Workplace.....
  18. Absolutely, they are currently going after the owners of White Island over the eruption deaths, at a more local level Yacht Club haul out yards, even where solely volunteer operated, fall under Worksafe jurisdiction https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/worksafe-reveals-charges-in-whakaariwhite-island-tragedy/2YWPODHNRFDYTV3DAOF6RVV54I/
  19. Agree it is a bit of a mixed bag. MNZ recognise regional harbour masters setting specific rules about safety equipment eg Lifejacket and comms devices but then as I said they are reverting to a duty of care approach by saying vessels must be "seaworthy", eg see Auckland's Navigation Safety by law https://at.govt.nz/boating-marine/harbour-rules-regulations/#bylaw and to my knowledge Europe is the only region, via its RCD and referenced ISO standards, to have specific rules about integrity of pleasure boats. USA has advisory standards from ABYC.
  20. The basic rules MNZ refer to are the ColRegs per https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/recreational/rules/default.asp It then reverts to a "Duty of Care" type approach for safe operation of the the vessel https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/recreational/safety/default.asp I know of a case a few years ago where a pleasure launch hit a beacon with a failed light on Auckland harbour at night with the result the boat was badly damaged and there were injuries. The skipper and crew member at the helm at the time were prosecuted by MNZ and received criminal convictions. I have heard that MNZ'
  21. The fact that at least a dozen NZ boats, including at least 2 catamarans that I know of, cleared out of NZ for Fiji with Cat 1 certs this winter indicates that the system is working. Your statement is more along the lines that you and some others don't like it, which is rather different. Angus is the go to man at YNZ, mailto:angus@yachtingnz.org.nz by the way, ref your "Hell Stewart Is from here is many times more dangerous than Fiji", you do remember that Essence foundered 50M off the Northland coast and a few other previous events, one notable one being the '94 Queens Birthday st
  22. Chathams, Kermadecs, Raoul Is, Auckland Is, Campbell Is, are all within NZ. You do not have to clear out to any of those destinations. Probably not covered under Coastal Insurance policies, mine says within 200 nautical miles from North or South Islands
  23. you will need to have that discussion with the Director - Maritime NZ as to what satisfies her (noting she has been with Worksafe in the past), per Maritime Transport Act 1994
  24. yes, and it is not a good one - as Angus commented to me recently it would be a guy from Worksafe wearing overalls, safety boots and a lifejacket carrying a clipboard. How much judgement/discretion do you think would be given in those circumstances?
  25. Maritime NZ have the overall safety requirement under section 21, they delegate the safety obligations for offshore boat safety to YNZ. Yes, they also apply to offshore motorboats - they also need a Cat 1 cert, if you look in the back of the safety rules there is a specific section for motorboats including window coverings. I remember seeing a Riv in Fiji with perspex shutters on all windows.
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