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  1. Not in Auckland, and but I used petite? Vivid white when I did the solo tasman. Great when your racing, easy to see the foils ( for weed/debris) but needed wiping every 3-4 weeks.
  2. I have it on good authority that this article is less than accurate, and that the vessel was not compelled to leave. Two distinct sides to every story I guess...
  3. Going around North Cape now. Conditions off the west coast next week, esp after Tuesday, wont be very pleasant!
  4. Just finished the upgrade to the latest version of the software. Please report any issues. Thx
  5. It'll just be a leaking seal - its just a hydraulic ram. Never pulled that specific model apart, but I've done a few. Strip it and have a look, seals should be available from a bearing shop....
  6. Change the impellor and try again. Sometimes the vulcanizing ov the rubber to the metal drive fails, and only the centre turns around. If not that, there has to be either a blockage or the water pump drive is broken.
  7. Fair winds, be safe. Not a voyage to take lightly.
  8. Sealion was an old, dilapidated power vessel, been tied to the wharf in Wellington for years. Not seaworthy, and my guess is the new owner has no idea what would be involved in a rebuild.
  9. Pretty good progress, and now out of the narrow bits, so can stay outside territorial limits
  10. Lots of posts deleted, some edited. Off topic. Stick to the topic, make a new thread, or move on.
  11. Any further posts to this thread on any topic other than the titled topic will be removed. If you guys want to talk about refugees etc, make a new topic in small talk. Please.
  12. So Aleana, have you bought a new boat then??
  13. Meaning of Passage is defined under Article 18 of the UNCLOS III. 1. Passage means navigation through the territorial sea for the purpose of: (a) traversing that sea without entering internal waters or calling at a roadstead or port facility outside internal waters; or (b) proceeding to or from internal waters or a call at such roadstead or port facility. 2. Passage shall be continuous and expeditious. However, passage includes stopping and anchoring, but only in so far as the same are incidental to ordinary navigation or are rendered necessary by force majeure or distress
  14. In our marina, you must be inside the outer edge of the piles. If you can fit, your good. Some (12m) berths can fit a 1220, some not, so it depends....
  15. And in this case I've been in two minds as what to do about it. I agree with Priscilla's post, but it is a personal attack I guess, and KM's response is also a breach of the rules. I'll go back and remove them both I guess.
  16. Actually, RYA Offshore is a prerequisite for NZ Master Yacht <24 m, which is a commercial ticket. So RYA sort of is accepted here.... Stupidly, Maritime NZ allow someone with SRL to run a yacht here, but someone with the NZ Master Yacht <24m, (allows up to 12 passengers, out to 200 miles) which is a MUCH more advanced ticket, can't run a power boat. And there is no formal path to get from the NZ Master Yacht <24m ticket to SRL (12 passengers, 12 miles out). Oh, and the inner Auckland Harbor is pretty tidal, and the "Blind" navigation section of the practical test in there is
  17. Yep, no problem. Think I have one in my van... The bearing holder unscrews, take the unit down and take it off.
  18. I get a reduction on my policy, both in NZ waters and offshore, with RYA Yachtmaster tickets. Doing one is not a simple undertaking though, and it's not recognized commercially in NZ. Most boats leave NZ without any formal qualifications. However, more and more jurisdictions are starting to require certification...
  19. Looks like he is here - the purple one is a the only leisure vessel in the area...
  20. If he is actually in on the high seas, then I've no issue with what hes doing. Others, including nations, may disagree. Territorial waters are a bit of a grey area. For a long time most nations accepted that territorial limits were 3NM, a long cannon shot. Then some nations "decided" that it should be 12NM incl the USA. NZ has a 200nm "EEZ", but you can transit that area. Its pretty hard for a single yacht to defy a nation - with a navy and or air force, if they are determined. They can stop you. You are vulnerable. You can't fight a military vessel. There are multiple areas in the
  21. This looks pretty good as well as the pt11. Plans are 80 euros.... http://www.metzboats.de/htm/designs/dinghies/mebo12/mb12.htm
  22. Agreed, and to sail in another countries waters without their permission is to invite arrest and imprisonment. Possibly confiscation of your vessel. His risk, he must accept the consequences. Unfortunately his actions can have consequences for others following his path at a future date, even post covid.
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