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  1. This is the fellow. He bought it for 7500 off vero insurance, put it on the market 2 weeks later for 12500. Didn't sell it,took it off the market and took it up to Mahurangi and a mooring off Scott's landing. On one of his videos selling another boat at Milford, he mentioned he'd sold Metro. That's as far as I've got.
  2. hmmmm- interesting coincidence,, the guy who bought the boat off the insurance company was called Jason. I believe he had another boat for sale a couple of weeks ago at Milford MArina if it is the same guy.
  3. I h ad this Lotus until the Auckland storm hit, and wrote it off. The hull was badly damaged and the quote for repair was over $50 grand. It's a wooden boat and the hull was pulled off the stringers and keelson. It was "repaired" by a bloke who bought it off the insurance company, in a week and has been sold on. I have been unable to determine who the new owner is. I'm concerned that someone has bought it and doesn't know that the repairs have only been done on one side, and the other, under the water tank and sink etc has not been done. I'd hate to think of someone out in it in rough w
  4. alibaba

    sea fleas

    I've had exactly the same. Whenever I have swum and scraped the hull. They attach and bite and itch. Solution, get the least hairy person to do it. Over you go missus
  5. The coastguard app isn't too bad- but you are quite right it doesn't do everything. However, you have to remember that CG aren't trying to make a profit, and in fact they are moving towards making the app free. The main point of the app is for us to make our own trip reports and have them checked if we are overdue. On a busy day, apparently the operations centre in Mechanics Bay gets around 2000 calls, and the more of them done on the app, the more CG can concentrate on those of us who need assistance. Also, people may not know it, but that ops centre is now responsible for everything
  6. That's very kind of you, but I think it will do me good to fix the problem. I've improved the connections and the problem has gone away for the moment. If it comes back , I'll take the above advice and fit an extra relay. Thanks all your your help. cheers
  7. Yanmar 3gm. Press start button- nothing happens until, after random presses, I get a connection. I seem to remember reading about this a few years ago, but I have lost the reference. Something to do with replacing a small gauge wire from the start button to the solenoid? Anyone enlighten me with a fix please? alibaba
  8. Thanks for the pix.That looks like the same prop as mine. I agree it needs heaps in reverse before it does anything, but great performance in ahead. However, after another couple of days playing with it, still huge propwalk in reverse, and even when you get the boat moving at 2/3 knots it still won't go to port.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I've tried to contact Briski, but no reply. Had some more practice today and some improvement in my skill, but what certainly doesn't help is the fact that when you hit reverse, nothing happens, unless you hit at least 2500 revs. I guess that's the problem with folders against feathering, the trailing edge becomes the leading edge, which is not very efficient. Might be back to kiwiprop, which is what I had on the last 9.2
  10. I've just got a new [ well old!] boat - another Lotus 9.2, The old one was written off in the last Auckland storm. However, this boat has a Yanmar saildrive, [ SD20] with a Briski geared 2-blade folding prop. The propwalk is huge! The boat will NOT go to port in reverse no matter what I do. The last boat had a shaft drive, and I fitted a kiwiprop- just a little propwalk and it worked well. So - hull shape etc is the same, but the boat is really difficult to manoeuvre in reverse. Anyone else with this problem? Any solutions? - apart from lashing out and buying a new prop? -or - is it the
  11. http://coastguardsouthernregion.wikispaces.com/file/view/Information+Paper+0115+RSM+Frequency+Changes.pdf http://www.offshoreblue.com/communications/new-vhf-frequencies.php http://www.gmdss.com.au/new%20vhf%20channels.html Have a look at the above links. I think it is to bring us in line with international frequencies. It's going to cost Coastguard and Maritime NZ about a million bucks in total.
  12. Nautilus sails in View? Road off Wairau. Did a beaut job on mine
  13. Anyone got any details about the VHF radio frequency changes we're about to be hit with? Channels 80 etc due to become 60s,which is not a problem for our radios, but nowcasting channels to be 2020 etc. I have a horrible feeling that the radio manufacturers are going to have a field day.
  14. alibaba

    Lotus rudder

    Anyone had any experience with Lotus 9.2 rudder removal? Mine is out of alignment, thanks to a previous boat builder, and has worn quite quickly. I need to remove it and get the gudgeons done and then realign it. I know you have to cut away the blocks above each gudgeon in order to lift the rudder off, , but any advice on how to realign the thing would be appreciated. Looks a bit tricky to me. I've even contemplated modifying it to only 2 gudgeons. Thanks in anticipation. alibaba
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