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yacht in big trouble off Whangarei

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Coastguard attempted FOUR rescues. Including from helicopter. I'm fairly sure they would have 'just towed the boat in' if they could have. It certainly wasn't a case of not thinking of it...

Jetski registration came about because they are essentially unidentifiable and there are now lots of the little suckers. We all have sail numbers or names on the side.    I learnt not to swim anywhe

the fact that cg couldn't get out to them says a lot about the conditions, i'd say.

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Have been following this on the coastguard Facebook, nzherald etc.

There were initial reports they couldn't steer, but that doesn't seem to match with the latest updates. I saw an update a couple of hours ago saying the rescue helicopter was being dispatched to winch them off, but I've just seen another update saying it was too rough and they've been told to go and shelter in the lee of the poor knights for another night.

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must be able to steer. If they can make it to the poor knights, then should be ok. Some of the reports dont make sense to me. Compass problems..., Steering, navigation systems...

A well found 12m yacht should be fine in these conditions. It would be interesting to know the real story...

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Yep it is sounding odd. We have been following it on channel 16 as quite close.

Listening to helimed earlier- sounded like the chopper guys were questioning why the crew wanted to come off.

Funniest earlier they arrived at poor knights. 38m depth, only 40m of chain - next problem for them to be talked through.

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I don't understand, if they can manuevour to the Poor Knights, why not just run into Whangaruru? its 20 nm away, almost dead down wind, wide open entrance, easy pesy safe inside.

I can understand getting in through the Tutukaka heads can be a bit intimidating with a swell running. 


I don't really understand what the issues are with getting into Whangarei, I'm assuming the big swell starts standing up, and the risk is broaching and rolling the boat? 

If the swell is this dangerous then I'm assuming Whangaruru is out, but then the whole coast would in theory be deadly from breaking seas, just from the swell?


Tuts is currently 29 gusting 33, and steady over the last 6 hrs. The wind isn't outrageous, but that coast sure can have a big swell rocking in, especially with this high over the Chathams running easterly / south easterly in. If you weren't particularly experinced the wind forecast wouldn't have given much of a warning of what the sea state would be like.


Not wanting to judge, there is a big psychological element to these things, once you are spooked (and tired, and not thinking straight) things can seem very big and out of control.

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