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Shane strikes again

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Thames Coromandel facebook group I belong to sprung into life today with the story of Shane getting shipwrecked at Port Jackson this week and losing his boat. The question was asked by a friend of the person that had taken him in up there. 100 posts later of people that had mainly been ripped off by him, the thread got deleted.


He's NZ's equivalent of Rimas who provides so much entertainment on Sailing Anarchy.

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I had wondered what happened to him. Not the best choice of places to try and Winter over in. I wouldn't believe a word of what he said in that article. It's pretty obvious by now that the guy has a

Shane has an atrocious background as a child in State care. He's certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don't think he maliciously means to do harm. In my view he just doesn't appreciat

Interesting observations Wheels. Unfortunately the Mental Health Services in NZ are decidedly third world so I wouldn't hold out much hope for Shane there. Shane's life is a horror story of abuse,

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Judging by the deflections it looks like you got the Jones fanboys excited Puff :razz:

Who are you talking about KM?

this isn't a political thread, fairly sure they aren't talking about Shane Jones, NZ First MP and face-palm reining champion.


PS, political threads are now only allowed in the smalltalk section way way way down the page near canal boating and Yachting NZ...

This is marine talk, where marine stuff is discussed.

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His boss is a thieving lieing arsehole so his lackys being of the same mold should come no surprise.

I'm afraid you completely lost me(and probably a lot of others) here KM, pretty sure the thread is about the former owner of a variant with a wood burner, and then a big schooner, last heard of running for cover

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