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2 blade folding prop had its day

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For the last little while only 1 blade has been coming out and have had to blip the throttle to get the other one out. But few days ago it wouldn’t come out even after a couple of rev sessions. In the end stuck it in reverse and then forward and all ok. I think the vibration did some damage to the shaft strut as leaking a bit now. The lesson as always is lack of proactive maintenance will always come back to bite you on the bum. Need another prop, geared folding 2 blade should do the trick. Yanmah 25mm shaft. Existing is 13.5x9 LH , handbook says 13x8.5 and previous paperwork mentions 14x8 so some wriggle room. Anyone got anything or know likely prospects? Thanks

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Why do you need a new one though. Surely a clean and lube should sort it.
Also, unless you have a continuation of vibration even with the prop blades out, the shaft should be OK. If the gland is just a stuffing type, simply tighten up the gland a tad.

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Razz88. Sail drive quite different. A spline rather than taper.

Wheels. The blades are as sloppy as. It would need a new pin, rebushed and machined blades etc. could be done but also times a problem as no facilities here other than putting down on the boat ramp between tides. I think the shaft, stern tube and gland are ok. It’s the oddball setup where the shafts off the centre line off the boat and has a seperate support strut , which is what took a beating.

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Bit the bullet and got a new one. Surprised they said a geared one is no more efficient than floppy so floppy it is. What’s the E 19 mean? Also with prop speed it says sand 80 grit so does that mean sand of that nice polished surface?. Do you propspeed the shaft anode?



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