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Hi all,


I'm keen to get into a trimaran if possible.  I've been looking around for a while and there doesn't appear to be many available, and those that are don't fit my requirements.  Which are:





Enclosed head

Reasonable (for a trimaran) accommodation


Planning on doing a bit of cruising and possibly some relaxed racing.  Any and all suggestions welcome!


Thanks in advance,



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There’s a Newick in Whangarei that i’ve Looked at, very tidy. Not sure of performance but it’s a cool looking boat. On TM still been on for a while so possibly negotiable.

Krisis is probably for sale panmure boating club should know. A quick older tri that has had cruising additives

Blaydon Racer is a Young trimaran withe twin masts called a Sketch and was built using West System in Tauranga by the late Dooley Wilson for his son Nick Wilson who still lives in Tauranga on Devonpor

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Hyper was for sale a little while ago in the bay of islands, no too slow, enclosed head, pretty dry I would think but needed some TLC. not sure what happened or if it sold.




There's a couple of racey ones around that could be had for a reasonable offer, but won't have the enclosed head.


Depending on your budget, there are quite a few options out of Australia, but if you can't sail it here the shippings costs start to add up pretty quickly.


Does it have to be a tri? There are a couple of Cats around that could fit the bill

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Hi Ed, many thanks for the post.  I suppose I should have provided more context; I grew up sailing on monos, from dinghies to keelers and was actively racing until my twenties.  Mate and I rebuilt a GBE in the 90's (Hooters, I think she's still around) and that sold me on multis.  Life then got in the way and I haven't really been sailing for a long, long time.  Mid life crisis now and I want to get back out on the water, not interested in, and can't afford a condomaran, so would ideally like a boat that the wife would consider going out on (see criteria above!)  Hence the trimaran search.  I have no experience sailing tri's but have been keeping an active eye out for a year or so now, love the Youtube!


I was interested in Hyper but it seemed a bit of work, someone else may wish to add their 2 cents on the boat and it's current state.  She does seem to be a bit cheap for what she is?  I am keeping an eye on the Aussie market but as you pointed out, shipping is expensive (20-30k) so I'd be looking at a boat I could sail across the ditch.  (I'm even contemplating a Contour 34 that's up in Hawaii!)


So, this is a bit lengthy but ideally I'd like something along the lines of an F32/33 size and capability wise.  I think I'm in the right place here, there seems to be a heap of experience and I'm keen for any advice or leads on a suitable boat.  


Once again many thanks for chiming in, much appreciated!




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There's not many Tris around, but there are a couple , I did a fair bit of research last year before I bought mine (Lucifer)


There is a lot of variability in the F32's from very tepid heavy cruisrrs to striped out racers depending on which end of the spectrun you want. Just remember they will almost all be slower that hooters


you're welcome come out for a sail or a look round lucifer sometime.

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   How about that, there's virtually nothing in it on the race track ratings


Kan't Know 1.0874  F9r  

Freedom     1.0859 GBE

Superbad    1.0856 F32

Helvetica     1.0849 Farrier 31

Hooters       1.0804  GBE



I'd pick the GBE for harbor racing, and the bigger tri for longhaul like the coastal


Searching for farrier here https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/boat-search throws up quiet a few boats I've not seen on the racecourse that might be worth pursuing

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I agree that the Newick is an interesting looking boat but isn't really for me, I like the idea of nets to lounge around on! Also keeping an eye on the Aussie and US market but it would have to be a steal to make it worthwhile shipping (NZ$20-30k from Oz, 30-45K from the US). On top of that is 20% GST and import duty. If I could find one I could sail over that might be an option...


It does seem that with trimarans there's either out and out racers or chunky cruisers but not much middle ground, is that a fair comment?


The search continues...

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I will shortly be listing Timberwolf due to a change in circumstances that means we can't use it much for a few years now.  While a racer, we bought it mainly to cruise in, for which we found it great, but not everybody would.  Bunks for up to 5 but far better on the tramps under the boomtent.  Meets most of your criteria but no enclosed head so presumably out, but PM me if you want to talk.

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