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It does seem that with trimarans there's either out and out racers or chunky cruisers but not much middle ground, is that a fair comment?


The search continues...

Some would suggest that the Farriers are the middle ground, as in original (1980s/1990s) concept they were somewhat conservative in relation to the full on race tris of the time. That said there is quite a performance spread between the A versions (more cruisey), R versions and the handful of all carbon rockets that have been built, let alone the various Corsair versions. 

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There’s a Newick in Whangarei that i’ve Looked at, very tidy. Not sure of performance but it’s a cool looking boat. On TM still been on for a while so possibly negotiable.

Krisis is probably for sale panmure boating club should know. A quick older tri that has had cruising additives

Blaydon Racer is a Young trimaran withe twin masts called a Sketch and was built using West System in Tauranga by the late Dooley Wilson for his son Nick Wilson who still lives in Tauranga on Devonpor

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There's a multi in Tauranga called Ladyhawk, is this the type of tri or is it too big and slow https://www.boatdesigner.co.nz/reviews/bw2001.htm

Ladyhawk is a member on here, but you are talking a whole different budget for something like her, even if there was one available. She was built by Richard Edlin, he is currently doing a rebuild on another tri, shes looking great! I'm sure he'd like to build you another!


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Thanks all, great suggestions and comments.  In relation to the previous posts and in no particular order:


Ladyhawk:  Read that article last year, if my current investments come through, as they are bound to do (Lotto, and an offer from a nice gentlemen in a West African country whom I met on the interwebs) then she would be the kind of boat I'd be into like a flash.  For the meantime though, way out of my price range I suspect. 


Blaydon Racer:  A beautiful looking trimaran which has obviously been very well looked after.  For me though, I think the maintenance effort would be considerable and also, as I'm looking for a boat I could single hand occasionally she does look a bit tricky with the ketch rig.


Hyper:  Interested in this boat and probably most aligned with my wish list from those I've seen over the last year.  Concern I have is that she needs TLC and I'm unsure how the Duracore has lasted over the years.  If anyone knows the boat I'm interested in their opinion.


Farrier/Corsair:  F32/33 or C36/37 would be right at the top of my list but as I think someone mentioned, they are a bit pricey, which is nice if you own one but not so much if you are looking for one.  I would assume around NZ$200K?


There was a Crowther Buccaneer 33 (I think) that was on TM last year, does anyone know the boat and/or be able to comment.  I don't think she sold and is in West Harbour.


Anyhoo, really appreciate the input from everyone, many thanks!

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