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SSANZ Lewmar Triple Series

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race report from formula one. as our first foray into 2 handed racing in this boat we had an awesome day. we started conservatively with the fractional zero which was the wrong call lol but our whole aim of the day was to get the boat and ourselves around relatively unscathed and learn what systems we need to improve. as the breeze built goin across to navy bouy we started to make a few gains on the rest of the pack. ( we were last).. at navy our first lesson learnt- start manouver earlier as our zero furler had issues.10 min later we head for an awesome 2 sail across the gulf. my poor wife had to do most of the grinding as my arm lost the battle with the zero at navy. we picked off boats on the reach then hardened up for the legs to get us around frenchmans. we decided to try the masthead zero for the short leg back to top of waiheke(sail hadn't been tried before) the sail and furler worked flawlessly big tick there. the last leg into finish was an awesome sail . we came away happy even though we got our asses kicked by the other boats. we got some practice to do but really looking forward to the 100. 

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F1 sure does look far better now than before, a vast improvement.


Big Ups to the Prism (Supertanker34) and Minx (drunken yobs 22 aka a Piedy) for not only wearing PFD's but in response to "Can we see some {safety items} please" took less than 2 seconds to have in their hands in their cockpit grab bags with all we wanted plus more. One other boat, a biggish one wasn't far off being that prepared even if it's grab bag looked more like they were about to pass thru security at the airport :) 


One boat had some high speed remedial work but the rest were OK even if one or 2 were marginal in time to find their gear.

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agree 1000%. the people both on the frontline and  the countless hours behind the scenes that the volunteers do is what makes these events happen so we can go out and have an enjoyable days yachting. without these people these things dont happen.. the cheer and reception we got from the people on the finish boat on saturday is the most memorable thing we got from the race. my wife said to me  lets do this series until we win it. its the people that make the event and you guys who run it have made it so enjoyable that people just want to keep coming back.

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Young 88 Division Baltic 60 Debrief

2019 Baltic 60 Course.jpg


The 88's have a new "rule" ... they who win shall write the story... cheer Chris  :thumbup:


Last Saturday was race one for the 2019 SSANZ short handed sailing series. Chris was originally unavailable to do this race as he was meant to be doing the TransPac on RanTan II - but that's another story - and with Paul in Asia, Chris and Mike went to battle on War Machine. 


Morning dawned with clear skies and little wind. 140 odd boats were milling around the start area while Mike bravely jumped into the 14.6degC water to sort the sail drive boot out - note must get fixed. 12 Young 88's were racing so we had our own division start.

SSANZ 1 Start 2019.jpg

We got an average start in about 4kts of southerly wind with the spinnaker up and not going quite where we'd talked about. Managed to go back to the game plan and got into the groove of gybing to stay in the fingers of wind whilst constantly trimming the spinnaker and making gains on those boats who had a better start. 

Legless SSANZ 60 2019.jpg

Had a little battle with the front bunch of 88's through the Motuihe channel trying to keep in clear wind with lots of traffic to contend with from the boats in the divisions in front we were overhauling. Made a decision not to go close into the lee of Motutapu with the other 88's we were dueling with to get out of the tide. This was our move of the day. From then on we were being chased for the next 5 hours by Flash Gordon and the fleet of Y88's. 


The wind had built into the mid to late teens for the rest of the day with a nice spinnaker run and quick sail change in preparation for the upwind legs from the turning mark at Navy Buoy off Whangaparoa.

Flash Gordon SSANZ 60 2019 2.jpg

With slightly cracked sheets we sailed to The Noises with multiple attacks from Flash Gordon to get past but to no avail. On the beat from The Noises to the finish at Orakei we worked hard tactically covering Flash and keeping out of the tide and did what felt like a hundred tacks.


The plan had worked and we managed to finish 2mins in front of Flash in daylight to the sound and smell of cordite. Champagne sailing - without the champagne - just beer and rum. Great racing again in best one-design keelboat class in the world (ok so we're biased)


Echo stories above in thanking all the volunteers who make this great series happen.

War Machine SSANZ 60 2019 4.jpg

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40ft Farr design, must be like a Farr 40, surely.  Maybe the odd extra creature comfort but that would just keep the crew at a higher peak of efficiency, so maybe a bit better than the average Farr 40 what with that extra efficiency and all

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