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2019 Coastal Classic

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The division splits 1a to 5 are phrf based. These were set in the NOR before any entries were redirected so it says more about where the active race fleets are at the moment.


8 no extras I think is a bit of an anomaly , as it has likely lost a few boats to the cruising rally, which in its self arms to be growing well.

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Video of Motorboats blast up the coast.   https://youtu.be/XOBngu7g-nI

We on the Mean Streak (Class 930) had an interesting race, hoping to better our 4th in div 5 last year we ended up 13th on line... after snapping our tiller off at the transom 10 minutes into the race

What an amazing race. We had an absolute blast on Motorboat.

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We'll have a look at at during the debrief and see how it can be tweaked for next year. 


The lighter 35-45 footers that sit in Div 2 and 1b are very active at the moment, and div 5 has some of the classes in it like the 88's 930's and 1020's which all enjoy racing each other.


Div 3 and 4 is a tricky area though as it used to be the domain of the heavier slower keelers, but there aren't too many of those racing these days.


Case in point,1 fully turboed 930 was in div 4 and cleaned up by over an hour on line, although they still got beat on line by the fastest boat in Div 5, which was also the smallest boat in the race as well!


Always open to suggestions

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Could pretty easily drop the half dozen slowest boats from 2 to 3?


As it is


Stratocaster 3/southern fun 2,

Frida 3/Dirty Harry 2


Pacific Sundance racetrack is way higher than the 40.7s but has somehow got a passage phrf low enough to get into div 3.

Slipknot just over the phrf cut off and finished behind most of div 3.


There's always the chance of this happening - the split has to be somewhere. But in the typical SW conditions the back few boats in div 2 don't really seem to fit with the rest of the division so might be an opportunity to even the numbers a bit across the divisions?

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Freedom made it in one piece. The old wooden GBE is now around 43 years old. We saw some good speed in the gusts.  Reaching on choppy seas, angle of death, smacking into waves . We got in before dark.


Well done to all the 8.5s especially Lucifer, driving it like they stole it.


Good weekend all round.

Following the division 7 race online showed the awesome drag race you guys were having all the way up the coast.


Saying that, was that you guys who almost tripped over just after the start?  Surely it must be like golf where you buy a round of drinks if you don't make it past the lady's tee.  Maybe, if you don't make it past North Head you have to shout a round for the whole fleet. ;-)

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We on the Mean Streak (Class 930) had an interesting race, hoping to better our 4th in div 5 last year we ended up 13th on line... after snapping our tiller off at the transom 10 minutes into the race!

Had a bit on with fractional Gennaker up off North Head, loads were high in the half broaches and the thing just peeled off in my hands like the top of a can (work hardened stainless tube about 25mm from a weld)


Ended up head to wind with kite behind us, took a while to get it in and get the boat under control.


Couldnt believe what I was looking at, all that time money and prep and race over just like that. As we were intending to leave the boat on a mooring in Russell in preparation for family Xmas cruise and Bay Week (And I'm an eternal optimist) I decided to have a go at fixing it to see if we could continue under reduced sail. 


I got the aluminium boat hook out, hacksawed it in half and using 4 camlock tiedowns and an unspecified amount of metres of 6mm spectra we managed to clamp it around the stock, sandwiching them in front of and behind the blade and bout 300mm along the tiller wrapping the two halves of the tiller in a figure 8 style to bind the whole lot together. We then got going again under reefed main and #3 in the direction of Gulf Harbour, gingerly loading it up in the gusts and studying the repair. It all looked to be going well and didn't appear to be deflecting at all so we had a crew discussion in the lee of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula and opted to carry on North for the party.


Obviously we were DFL so no hopes for a result but once we set off it became apparent we were ceasing to be overtaken by people and were in fact catching div 5 boats slowly, sailing a 930 under canvassed in breeze obviously has some merit!


We could hear the vhf on constantly with dismastings and rudder carnage so really strived to just ease through the gusts and not fight the boat if it started rounding up. By the time we passed Kawau we were confident enough to choose outside the Hen and Chicks hoping for a more organised sea state and it paid off with some great sends hitting over 16kts on occasions. (also set a new boat record for having someone on the can at 14kts)


We were extremely relieved to make the finish just after 3am after not only finishing walking wounded but also putting some 20+ division 5 boats behind us in the process.


A great raft up with Hotdogger in the bay and watching the sun rise whilst on the rums capped it off nicely!


I'm currently sitting in a hotel restaurant in Bangkok nursing the usual post race kidney aches and bruises but still buzzing about the trip and my great crew. Can't wait to get back and start on a nice new beefy carbon tiller  ;-)


For all the flack that transom hung rudders collect I for one am certainly glad that 930's have one or we would have been yet another yacht requiring a tow.

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