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Yes and it performs no better. Most likely you are going to find it the same as Hempels. It is not the various Brands that are the problem, It is that more and more of the stuff that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the Marine growth is being phased out by the EPA and so not able to be used in Antifouling products. I don't know what the answer is. As older stocks of all the brands run out, the new stocks will perform ever increasingly poorly. If something doesn't happen soon for us recreational Boaters, we may have just as good a result using Wall Paper Paste.


In this article it says,

"These paints are slow-release toxic coatings, and when numbers of boats are moored together in marinas and harbours, the substances build up to concentrations that can affect people and the environment."

Surely that is going to be a Marina, where you are not allowed to swim or fish anyway and is it really that much of an issue if it is bad for such a small area of environment?

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