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Boat Dilemma

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Where does the performance come from? E.g. a Young 88 is only marginally longer than a Davidson 28 and not vastly different in sail area but rates significantly higher in performance. Data lists it at almost half the weight I guess. It doesn't have the waterline length but rates similar to a Stewart 34 in race performance?

I see both these boats claiming 20kts downwind at times which is fairly unimaginable to us. I have dug up a much bigger spinnaker for us to cause trouble with now but we haven't seen its upper end yet.

Both the Y88 and Stew34 are fairly high on my desirable list. And no one is convincing me to campaign the D28 for a coastal? Aww 😄


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This is escalating quickly, there's a couple of Ross 1066's on TradeMe that look good fun too... Honestly right now I'm planning to list my boat, sail with some other crews, and go kayak fishing

I think the main question you need to ask yourself is what’s more important, cruising or racing. 1020 or  S34 best of both, 930 more race/sportboat style, 88 good for both but a bit dearer.  

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9 hours ago, crump said:

I'll answer that myself by having a read of this 32 page thread... lots of info on all the different keels, though maybe not an terribly satisfying conclusion!


My two cents having modded The Entertainer from bog stock and raced the hell out of her: go Scarlett. The keel makes a huge difference and She runs Masthead and fractional gear. They cruise better with the t-keel too. 930s are just so much bang for buck and lots of knowledge around which people are happy to share. They still get out in fair number too at times all be it in different configurations. Part of me is tempted to buy Scarlett...

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7 hours ago, Tamure said:

I think the main question you need to ask yourself is what’s more important, cruising or racing. 1020 or  S34 best of both, 930 more race/sportboat style, 88 good for both but a bit dearer.


So I had a look at Scarlet which helped a lot. I can see why she's quick and would be a lot of fun but I think I'd miss the more comfortable space of my D28. She has things like functional headroom through to the head room etc. I think I'm going to list my boat, give it time, and start saving for something a bit more balanced like the S34 and keep looking around.

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Sails are not inexpensive and you have to have a well sorted budget to keep on top of a race wardrobe IMHO.

If you are keen to race shorthanded and fleet, as well as, cruise occasionally in Auckland,  in my view it would be hard to go past an 88 (cough , cough as a sorta 930 owner) - second hand 88 sails are available (we got  hold of a very lightly used 88 3DL Genoa as an overlapper for another 930 down here - it was cheap and in surprisingly good shape) and the 88's have a very strong owners association as well.

I remember as a kid when Scarlett was built for Jock Freemantle - Queenstown (later Production builder of Beale 33s). To a wide eyed youngster it was simply an awesome machine in its 80's bright yellow on its road trailer!.  It was built with a lifting daggerboard and was a tad tender if my recollection serves me right as rail fodder on a gusty lake.

I love our boat..perfect for the family Xmas cruise...relatively cheap marina berth length at 10 metres and I can deal with most maintenance issues - even  installed my own windgear on my own couple of weeks back (first time solo mast climb). The interior layout of our Ross 30 (930) is a bit different from the production boats where for starters the mast is keel stepped and there is only one main bulkhead aft of the mast compared with the factory boats with an aft and forward bulkhead with a beam between. Not having a second bulkhead to isolate the toilet and support the deck stepped mast really opens the narrow end of a 930 up.

I think Murray did a really good job on the layout on this boat.




Ballistic Berth.jpg

Ballistic wine 17-2.jpg





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Is that a centercase still in Ballistic?

If you think she is open mine would come as a shock. A photo taken from the same place would look just the same as long as you removed the case, galley, cupboards, nav station, shelves, light fitting, wood trim, squabs, warning sign, leecloths, lectronics panel, 50% of the dome nuts and widen the gap between the bunk fronts a fair bit. You can leave the paint and windows.....and add in some substantial ribs around the top of the keel plus a slightly bigger box under the bulkhead opening which contains part of our MMBU system and a small bilge pump.

I do like that wood trim, it finishes it off so much nicer than my seafog on seafog on seafog. I have considered throwing some clashing on for the aesthetics but never found the time.

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One other point going back to the original post - the whiting 29 that's come up in your racetrack search is a slow one. If you change your search to full history you'll see them all and that loads rate more like 0.67. Still not 88 or 930 territory, but a decent margin faster than your d28. 

If I were in your situation I'd say that the answer to your fundamental question is that yes you're better to upgrade to a different boat than throw heaps of money at the d28. Contrary to what's been said above a y88 shouldn't cost double what scarlet does, and fleet street sold recently after being advertised in the high 20s. Also worth looking at farr 9.2s, lidguard 29s as well. 

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