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Since we moved aboard I have spent 3 years fantasizing about a hard dinghy for rowing and sailing. If it would take the 4hp outboard that would be a bonus but is not mission critical. Sailing and rowi

Thats' a youtube channel try here... https://bandbyachtdesigns.com/spindrift

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On 30/08/2020 at 11:23 PM, Black Panther said:

On the spur of the moment i placed an opening bid on trade me,  not expecting much. Now there hasn't been another bid. I'll find out tomorrow if ive bought something.  

Haven't even given any thought on how to get it here from Mt Albert. Row?

So, did you buy anything?

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Hi martin,

I built one of those many tears ago from 4mm ply. I didnt glass it so eventually (after 20years) it rotted through the bottom. Was very stable, I could stand up just inside the gunnel and it rowed like a witch with one person, but was slow with any more. Weighed next to nothing.




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Ok the lotto ticket idea does seem to be working and OCTenders aren’t currently doing the sailing version.

So I’ve got the workshop, time and foredeck space

So thinking of building a glassed stitch and glue ply dinghy between 3-3.5m that can sail first, row nicely and take our 5hp OB
already have a good 3.1m rib so will mean some of the crew can go exploring and the mothership will still have transport

Design options ??.?...???.

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The 9'6 nutshell pram is supposed to sail well, but may be a bit short for what you have in mind.


or the CLC Passagemaker, 3.5 m, and you can do a nesting option.


BP's Jimmy Skiff is there to:


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