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prada cup, when we know which course...

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they are trying hard to sell us the idea its sailing, but its not.  May as well put outboards on the bac and let them whiz around playing racey racey with a remote controller while standing on North H

From about 10 minutes in  

From a source closer than most of us " always secure your batteries"  

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An oldie but a goodie.

"Oh oh, this is going to go bad... easy the main...."

"EASE THE f**king MAIN......."

"Oh f*ck, the backstay...easy the backstay....someone drop the f**king backst      .......Oh sh*t!"



Who hasn't been there, gone for a swim due to that?


Good there was some carnage, the media now has an exciting clip to reply 35 times per hour.

I also see the commentators didn't take advantage of Jacinda testing program before they imbibed whatever they took.

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over an hour later and they're still pumping OUT water

so presumably there's a spilt below the waterline, letting water IN only slightly slower than the pumps can get it out... foil-case when she did the belly-flop?

that big blanket/recovery sling could be there to try and cover an aft? split?

debatable that they can get her home in the light...

very lucky the conditions lightened instead of getting worse...

jib under bow covering bow split?


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8pm "Race officials say they're currently towing the boat backwards because there is a hole in the bow somewhere. They expect it will be hours before it's back at base"

some big question marks now about what they need to do to rebuild her, particularly all the electronic systems and batteries.

team members carrying big bits of carbon hull off the support craft



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