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prada cup, when we know which course...

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they are trying hard to sell us the idea its sailing, but its not.  May as well put outboards on the bac and let them whiz around playing racey racey with a remote controller while standing on North H

From about 10 minutes in  

From a source closer than most of us " always secure your batteries"  

Posted Images

We were one of the closest boats to the top mark and not far from incident 

We heard a bang when it crashed down, we thought at the time that it was the rig slapping the water, but with sound taking longer to get to us, and now looking at that hole, if looks like as the whole weight landed on the end of the port foil, which looks to have blown out the side of the hull were the mechanism is. 
maybe, but guess we won’t ever know 

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That is going to take more buffing than normal to 'buff out'.

Clearly a 'sub optimal' outcome.

Just wow. I was out on the water yesterday and planned to be back home before the front (had the kids onboard). It felt like an unstable kind of weather, a lot of mixing of warm and cold air. Predict Wind's CAPE index was up to 0.8 - Convective Available Potential Energy. A geeky way of saying it would be squally and unstable... The kind of weather where at home it would be dead calm, then doors and windows would blow / slam shut.

From all of that, I was secretly expecting some kind of carnage with these super powerful boats if a squal hit. Not saying that was the cause, but it was certainly contributory, I think.

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Interesting that in the presser terry seemed to suggest cutting out panels from defiant to repair the hole in patriot

Possibly also suggested in the early comment "we'll fix it but it won't be pretty"

Guess they don't care too much about the hydrodynamics at this stage

But considering the boatbuilding facilities in Auckland I doubt they'll need to do that

But if they think getting the electronics tested and systems settled will be the bigger challenge they will need to get back in the water again asap


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10 hours ago, Island Time said:

From a source closer than most of us " always secure your batteries"

Seems this rumor has been doing the rounds today.  Just caught up on the press conference and Terry Hutchinson advised it was not the batteries.

[due to the external pressure] "the structure inside just guillotined the panel and out it came.” 

and he also says:

"we got both batteries off the boat"

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