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  1. Steve

    40' Boats

    Thanks guys. Sounds like there are plenty of 40' (plus) boats on a 12m berth. Inside the poles must be the criteria in most places but I'll check with my mob. I've heard of instances where the tape measure has come out and millimetres out have had a bad result. Cross fingers.
  2. Steve

    40' Boats

    How strict are the marinas? 40 feet is a tad (19cm) over 12 metres. Will they mind?
  3. L Unless you have a tri lite. So an all round white at the masthead plus port and starboard at the bow for motoring, then a trilite for sailing means you can do away with the stern light at deck level altogether (if under 12m) Bugger it, I’ll remove the stern light as well.
  4. Steve

    Jump Starters

    But if your motor always starts first click? If not I guess you could link the house batteries. I suppose there's one more fly in the ointment. The bloody anchor winch. But if you were getting all anal about a particular regatta then one small house battery and a jump starter would suffice? Hell of a lot easier than taking off the toilet seat, the cupboard doors, the squabs and the speakers. We did all that (and more) for the RNI one year and it was amazing how much of a pile of gear we ended up having to store. Hundreds of kilos but really only compensated for all the extra palaver requ
  5. Steve

    Jump Starters

    Someone smarter than me will have the answer. Let’s say you wanted to save some weight. Starter battery is around 20 kilos I suppose. A little jump starter about 1. Why not just swap one for the other? Charge it with a USB connection like you do with a phone and as long as the motor generally starts easily then what’s the problem?
  6. Yes, I read that. Looks like we all need to check. They mentioned standing 100’ from the mast and if you can see the trilite you’re ok. If you have to step back further to see it, then the light isn’t shining through the vertical plane correctly and you may not be seen if you’re heeling away from an observer. Depends on the height of the mast I guess but it’s worth checking it out.
  7. So this video confirms the top diagram.. All good, the steaming light’s going.
  8. Yes, I can see anchor lights 6 miles away from our place, so I guess we have that covered. And the steaming light has failed again so I might as well just remove it. Never used the foredeck light anyway. Then bung on the bow lights and we’re legal. Don’t look forward to the debate with the inspector though. I’m getting a wireless tri lite and a wireless wind transducer so there’s a lot of wiring to come out of the mast. Starting to wonder about the VHF aerial now.
  9. So the way I read this, yachts under 12 metres don't need a dedicated steaming light. An anchor light with red and green on the bow will suffice when motoring. Its just that I once got pulled up during a cat 3 inspection for not having the steaming light working. And who wants all that extra weight aloft anyway if you don't need it.
  10. I was going to throw this away with all the other old stuff but realised that this one had always been out of the weather so there's nothing wrong with it. Pay the postage and its yours.
  11. Just let me know when the next meeting is Jon.
  12. It's a cool rule then. But I'm sure the RNI had a rule on Portland. Maybe that was then.
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