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  1. My thoughts as well. It'd be a great donor boat for a racer/cruiser project - 2/3rds of the costs are saved right there A rented chainsaw, a skip and a weekend would take care of the hull.
  2. I use white Petite Vivid White primarily because my hull is alloy and Petite Vivid doesnt contain copper. Seems to work fine but does need a regularly wipe to stay looking good.
  3. Ahh, i get it now, its a riddle If a pregnant nanny, a green lawyer and a refugee are fishing the Northwest passage of Waiheke. who's the bloke with a bucket on his head?
  4. tuffyluffy

    40' Boats

    It all depends on the marina. Westhaven put a tape measure on my boat when i tried to rent a 12m berth. It turns out that 12.8m is larger than 12m and hence they insisted i rent or buy a 14m berth with the associated costs. Hence i packed a sad and left. I've been on a 12m berth at Hodsonville marina ever since and no ones mentioned a thing
  5. Possibly a bit long and heavy, but we have on of these in our boat shed on Stewart Island as an all purpose hack. They row well, and can sail and motor. https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/01/15/own-a-seabird-3-2m-dinghy/
  6. The rhythm and noise sounds to me like compression exiting the engine, possibly through an intake valve? Is there any blow-back coming from the air filter? Bit odd that its a not regular though.
  7. Ditto, although I'd add another item to my management plan Head in sand Fingers crossed Don't let them go flat So far its working a treat
  8. Thanks all for the offers of acid! Luckily my neighbour had some so i used that over weekend and it did a great job. The offending part was soaked overnight and came up a treat. Its now installed and the problem seems to be resolved 👍
  9. Ahh, memories. We had a good fleet of these in Napier in the late 80's early 90's when Nev Pearce was running the class. I had Frisbee. We nearly cut the boat in half when a Noelex 22 tacked on top of us off the marine parade. Dynamite downwind in 25knts +
  10. Many thanks for the offer, but I'm at Piha, the part is in my shed and the boat is at Hobsonville
  11. Yeah, ive heard that as well - unfortunately i don't have any and the white vinegar alternative isn't doing much. I really dont want to take a trip to Bunnings hence I'll try poking it clean with some wire and see how it goes.
  12. Quick update on this since a few of you are interested. I finally got down to the boat last weekend and after tearing apart the raw water cooling system, i discovered a VERY blocked up water injection mixer (see pic) that Im 99% sure is the problem. The raw water intake side of the mixer (not exhaust) is completely gunked up and will be cleaned out this week and re installed. I suspect the raw water was under such pressure due to the blockage it was forcing its way back through the rubber connector (and clamp) that seals the heat exchanger, and into the fresh water system. (not
  13. Meths has always been my starting point.
  14. I had my boat sign-written with Vinyl lettering about 10 years ago - its still lookin great. My counter stern faces north in the marina and cops the sun all day. Dark blue lettering on silver/grey.
  15. No not yet. Life keeps getting in the way. Im hoping to pop down this weekend and at least start the engine for a few minutes and take a further look. The wife and daughter are heading overseas next school hols so I'll attack it in anger then
  16. I'm not surprised and I bet a majority of it is due to inefficient, unproductive, bureaucratic red-tape.
  17. Many thanks all for the additional input - its going to be interesting to figure this one out! Touching on your comment IT "AND loss of water from header tank" whilst its loosing water from the header tank, the level doesn't seem to decrease?!?!, hence im thinking raw water is getting into the coolant as pressure builds with the revs . . . maybe Anyway, I'll start with a new cap, check impeller, then disassemble, clean, inspect and reassemble the the header tanks and exchanger to the exhaust mixer and see what reveals itself, if anything. Ah the joys.
  18. Thats exactly what some others are suggesting on another forum as someone else had the same issue. A breach somewhere in the raw water/fresh/exhaust system is causing back pressure when the revs increase. First plan of attack will be to checkout the heat exchanger and raw-water exhaust mixer and their connections
  19. Many thanks everyone for the input - much appreciated! It sound like a methodical approach starting at the cap, impeller, then check and clean the heat exchanger, check thermostat and then exhaust mixer will be the plan - fingers crossed. As an FYI, the engine was rebuilt less than 100 hours ago but has had very little over the past few years hence I'm pretty comfortable its not a head gasket, also, the water in the heat exchanger is perfectly clean, but we will see. . . . Lets hope i havent killed the engine for the second time Thanks again, I'll report back once i find so
  20. I thought I'd try the collective wisdom here before i start down the rabbit hole of diesel engine trouble-shooting. Over the weekend and while on the marina berth I started the above engine, and after a short period in idle, i upped the revs (in load) and headed down below. Only to discover the overflow pipe beside the filler cap was dumping green (antifreeze) water in the bilge at a rabid rate, and hence i shut it down! After a minute or two, i opened the filler cap (small amount of pressure) and, expecting the exchanger tank water to be empty or hot, stuck my finger in to discover it
  21. What about a decent tablet in a case with Navionics?
  22. I thought this post was about jet skis
  23. Have you tried overseas VP parts suppliers? I've used www.keypart.co.uk for a recent VP rebuild and there parts were 1/3 the price of the local guys and delivery was faster.
  24. I cant speak for those particular boats, but in my experience sizing comes down the the specific marina and its management. My boat is 12.8m OA and some marinas will let m on a 12m berth, others (Westhaven, Opua for example) will insist i take a 14m. It would pay to get the exact length OA and call the marina
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