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Fish (for a change!) my comment wasn't about keelers vs multis so much as varying draft by swinging a keel.  But having read the description I see that it's actually a lifting swing keel - in which case yes - that's great!


I guess I read swinging and thought canting - my bad

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I like the idea of escaping the Marina monopoly

one of their big sales points is the ability to use 'cheap' moorings, which are generally shallow-ish draft. I couldn't quickly find the photos on their website, but they had a series of photos of their boats in French Harbours on mooring bouys etc, rather than in the marina cartels.

Having a draft (keel up) of 1.2 m substantially increases the options for moorings outside of marinas.....


And of course a draft (keel down) of 3 m gives some impressive sailing performance!

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I understand they don't have agents and only sell factory direct to save cost. Without reading the 10 pages on SA, how is that working out for the guy?

Hey Fish. It's a great thread and worth the read. In short he loves it.


He is very honest in his appraisal of the boat and its advantages and shortcomings, with lots of photos and videos. As to be expected, he is struggling to get it going in the light, but in a blow it seems wicked. He has also tested the keel ram blow off valve by hitting a whale off QLD in a recent race. The ram just moved back 6" due to the blow off valve and he pumped it down again. Seems to have some great performance numbers! he is also very appreciative of the help he got from the factory which seem to be really helpful.


I like his approach to learning to get the thing moving. He is very methodical, and I should have done much more of this with the Marshall in build up to the RNI. For me, very interesting to read. Refreshing honesty with no ego!

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