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First Crew.org Electronics and social evening.!

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First Crew.org Electronics and social evening.!!



An introduction to marine electronics. From Cell phones, thru tablets, Instruments, Wifi, Integration (wifi, NMEA0183 and NMEA2000) PC and Mac opensource (free) software, the latest plotter based systems, and autopilots. The idea is to show people what is out there, and the pro's and cons of each system, and what can be achieved with modern electronics.


The presentation will be 30-40 mins, followed by a casual Q&A session and a few beers!



Richmond Yacht Club, Inc
Westhaven Seawall
173 Westhaven Drive



Wednesday 29th July, 7 pm.



$20.00pp at the door to cover expenses.


If it is successful, we'll do some more, and more varied topics. Who's coming??

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Sounds interesting and its in the diary .. I suspect other cynics like me will be expecting someone there trying to sell us something and wondering what the $20 we chip in covers (free Fanta?)... just saying ....

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War machine, let me be as up front as I will be on the night.


Much of the software displayed and to be discussed is open source - it's free to download. Some people can install it themselves, on gear they already have, for free!. No other vendor will even discuss this stuff with you, or have the experience using it, and connecting it to various vendors equipment, that I have. The open source stuff will not suit everyone. The pros and cons of that and the more traditional stuff will be openly discussed to assist those people interested, and those that may be thinking they could go either way (or a combination).


The door fee covers (I hope!) my costs in organizing this event, getting the demo and gear ready,.etc etc. This event, and Crew.org in general, are not free to provide.


I have spent in excess of 25 years in IT, and over 40 years sailing. If you think my time and experience is not worth $20, then it is absolutely your decision whether to attend or not. 


Commercial interest disclosure. Can I provide these systems? Yes, software and hardware, installation and support. But the idea of this evening is to be able to discuss, from a users point of view, all the gear and systems available, from me or any other vendor,  in an independent manner, without having to sell something on the night to cover costs. 


This evening could save you quite a lot of $.


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Anyone got anything specific they want to discuss? Just so I can get any info I may need... 


At this stage I'll be bringing an android phone, Andriod tablet, Ipad, a PC, a B&G Zeus 2, and possibly a Vulcan.....

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