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Missing Cat, Dad and little Daughter

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this chapman guy seems to want the book thrown at him


wonder what the 2 recovery missions have cost the mother?




Chapman said depending on how long official processes took Langdon and Que might be held in Australia for weeks.

Langdon had departed New Zealand illegally as Que's passport had been seized by the courts, Chapman said.

He had also entered and stayed in Australia illegally and would face charges accordingly.

"He should be facing border and immigration charges in Australia and he should be facing similar charges in New Zealand."

It was possible Langdon may face child endangerment charges as well, Chapman said.

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Well what a great outcome for the kid anyway. So nice to know she is alive and safe.
The only positive I can say for the guy is that, well he knows how to sail.
But I would say he has dug himself a real deep hole now and won't be seeing daughter for sometime. Actually, might not be seeing much more than the inside of a cell for sometime either.

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When you see the boat in the above photo it's hard to imagine what they have been through! That is a seriously small boat and they would have been very exposed out there. After to speaking to someone who crossed the Tasman after the Hobart race and the

Weather they faced it is hard to believe that little boat out there. In some ways that man needs a pat on the back but I don't know if I would put my kids through that no matter what the circumstances were!

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Well I tip my hat to him. Obviously a skilled sailor in a boat more than capable of the trip. But what great story for both of them.


I do understand his frustration, I see both sides every week. Sadly that will detract from a great story.


I'd buy him a beer. those that can't go to izzy bay on a Friday night without filing a trip report or come home early from Kawau because the freezer broke won't understand.

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Sounds like he hasn't been detained and is going to spend the night at a local motel

Police have not made up their minds as to whether they will lay charges and what the charges will be if they do.



We also know nothing about "herself" either - apart from she's notbeen in NZ for some time.

Her mother is seriously ill and she wet over to be with her. I think her mother is dying of cancer

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he was trying to get to the BOI




when he damaged 1 of the rudders on the 4th day


he had no choice!


but to sail to oz.....


well that's what he's saying...


according to prime news 

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now sailing to victoria to clear customs + immigration




Quality reporting, heading north from Ulladulla to get to Victoria... Must be going the long way round Australia!


Edit after watching the video linked in the other thread


They are heading NORTH, to clear customs at Port Kembla, New South Wales.


From memory it is about 60 miles, it took me 24 hours motor sailing as the East Coast Current is a bitch!

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Well I see it , the wind was from the west , here. NNW sw and blowing hard over those times , so does that mean with a broken rudder on a cat that would sail on one rudder you would head into the wind and sail to Aussie , or turn and run for shore , in my view he only broke the law here buy not clearing customs here. ,remember they had no passports with them , they had to be sent on. So the arthoritys there a light handed on them to let them sail after repares to do customs else where , odd , the little boat was a hearty thing to stay together , most of thoes warram 21s are roped together from beams to bridge beams , vee diamential hulls quite buoyant and fast , good buoyancy with wide beams but it had a bridge deck to help ,If he said running for cover to Australia in that boat on one rudder he would had at times run a drouge on one rudder , could youkeep this boat straight on one rudder under drouge who knows , preferred not to had had the experence

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Que was now in her mother's care.

Wyler, (mother), was concerned her estranged husband Alan Langdon was about to leave Australia again with Que, bound for either the Pacific or Indonesia, Coleman said.




hopefully as he hasn't put up a fight over custody


immigration, sailing charges etc


will be quietly let slide?

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I wonder if her estranged husband is equally concerned that she'll dissapear back to Switzerland where custody treaties don't exist or back to NZ where the Family Court is historically in favour of a mother's view of custody?

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