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Best Coastal in Years?

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Could this year be the most interesting coastal for some time? 

With a MOD 70 approaching NZ , Frank Racing and the new  'cruising"  cat from Roger Hill and the Trimaran from Vietnam 

certainly the multihull boys & girls will be having fun.

So what quick Monohulls will be lining up.....

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Maybe afternoon tea... 5 hours at 25 knots gets you there at 3...


The muiltihulls will be awesome to see.  The highlight of last years race for me was the flyby of ETNZ. that was awesome.


I'm lining up two handed for probably my slowest coastal ever on my wifes new cruising boat.

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Yes I had forgotten that flyby at pace - it was truly brilliant, and yes another Orma from across the ditch hopefully.

But back to real yachts  ;-)  I see that Wired is getting a new keel and maybe we might see a smaller Bakewell -white design that was exported years ago back soon -that could spice up the smaller classes.

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Not sure about fast monos but based on recent PHRF applications, diverse may well describe the fleet.

Probably not all doing coastal but of recent time as well as the BBW 37, there's a Van De Stadt 34, Luders 44 (1963 from a 1933 original), a Nando Fa modified Open 60 (no extras) and then throw in the 65ft Hoake ketch on the entry list, not exactly the same as a batch of 1020s, 11.6s, 1050s, Y11s and 88s.

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