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Cayman Islands Registry?

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Thank you. This looks a promising possibility


We were very happy with it overall. There was a bit of delay with things being posted to jersey and back and they were very nice but not quick to respond, otherwise all went smoothly. Had to send photos of the boat name to prove the letters were big enough (10cm high). Also had to fix a registration number plate to a bulkhead with phillips screws, then drill out the heads of the screw to make them look like rivets and send a photo!


Lots of other flags also a need tonnage measurement certificate so your boat may already have one from a previous registration if you're lucky. I think Jersey would probably accept an existing measurement certificate.


The Jersey flag looks cool (red ensign with gold lions) but you tend to get checked often in some countries by customs thinking you're dodging taxes, Jersey being a tax haven. You're also allowed to go incognito and fly a plain british red ensign, which reduces the attention you get.

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St Peter Port is in Guernsey not Jersey (A beautiful little port with insane tides). The main port in Jersey is St Helier but in fact Jersey registered boats (except those actually owned by locals) are required to put "Jersey" as the port of registry on their stern, not St Helier.

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I guess we can expect registration fees to go up again



I read it differently BP. I read it as all sefarer fees -which presumably includes Cat 1- to be lowered to $368

Do point out I'f I am reading it wrong.


But if I'm reading it right, then I will very seriously reconsider registering my vessel offshore, because $368 if true, would be a very fair price. Good on 'em Maritme NZ for being one of the few bureacracies actually listening to the punters. Very encouraging.

Cat 1 still a pain in butt, but I do really want a kiwi flag off my stern...but not if it stays at a $1,000 bucks plus.

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Seafarer endorsements doesn't include Part B registry or Cat 1 (two different things)


Nothing in there suggests that Part B fees will go down, in Appendix 6 there is some waffle about how they have made the process more efficient, but nothing about fees.


Incidentally, while I've only skim read the report, it is quite incredible how inefficient and costly MNZ appear to be, not value for money at all to either the taxpayer or seafarer. It would be interesting to see a comparison between MNZ and the UK MCA and also YNZ and RYA on like for like services and how much they cost both the taxpayer and seafarer (I don't know which would win out but it would be interesting).

Thanks Dan for correcting me. That being the case, it's back to the two fingered salute to MNz. They can stick their $1K fee and their Cat 1 crap where the sun don't shine. I'll be registering my vessel under a foreign flag again if seems.
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