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2018 Rum Race - entries open

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Very quiet entries this year. If you want this to go ahead, please get your entries in!

Phil can't do the music this year, and my reserve musician now has another commitment. Anyone know someone who might like to do music or DJ?

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Entries to date people,


Timeout Young 88
Anarchy YD37
Atamai First 44.7
Knee Deep II Farr 49
Kia Kaha Vision 40
Team Sex Magic 25
Duty Free Farr 1220
Hotdogger Ross 930
Lady Nada Lavranos 44
Serene Townson 26
38 Special BBW 38
Fun-n-Games Mt Gay 30 (m)
Motorboat II Elliott 10.5
Transformer Elliott 12.8

Chain Reaction  Elliott 1050
Sweathog Whiting ¼ ton
?? Strike Free Strike 18



If you're not on the list but believe you've entered, if you could email me at mmulcare@xtra.co.nz we'll get it sorted.

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Proving to be a work 'mare, third Christmas with the great present employer, third rum race in a row I likely won't be at.


MarkM, if you're willing, work out a start time for my little tri, Strike 3, said to be similar performance to a farrier F24 Mk1.


Then if the stars align at least we can join in and hopefully give the 8.5s something to chase, at least for a few minutes ????

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