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If you feel strongly about him, and have done trades with him, it may be more productive to let IRD know.


I was sold a car with dodgy elements to it by a moonlighting trader (presented himself as a private individual), fairly similar modes operandi to this guy. Not long after (after changing the ownership of the car), the IRD wrote to me inquiring about details of the guy that sold it, they were doing an investigation as to the number of cars he was selling, and whether or not he was paying the appropriate amount of tax on his wee undertakings.


While I'd not normally go near the IRD with a barge pole, sometimes the karma police turn up at just the right time...

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This is probably an unintelligent question, but how do you look up a particular seller and his goods on trademe? I looked in members for rudolph shack, which is one of his monikers, but no results.

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this is the feedback page for rudolfshack


maybe the 'f' or 'space' was the issue?




he hasn't done tooooo bad


happy_face1.gif 87 positive feedbacks. 86 are from individual members, and count towards the final rating

neutral_face1.gif 2 neutral feedbacks.

sad_face1.gif 4 negative feedbacks. 4 are from individual members, and count towards the final rating.


a better proof of a pattern of deception would be if he has alternate names he cycles through on tm 


if someone has saved a tm pic with the sellers name on it we can try to see link this seller to other sellers?

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The Buyers were probably eternal optimists as well !

I don’t think the guy is out to deceive, rather is just an eternal optimist. Everything is either quite ok, cool, or wonderful. Definitely glass half full sort.
I wouldn’t mind some of his med.
Then I did not dig deep.
But, he was open about the inadequate repairs to Metro.
If any prospect buyer thought his methodology was anything other than temporary, they deserve the outcome.

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If we sell a car or boat that we know is well beyond economical repair then are we part of the problem in that we are just kicking the can down the road ? Obviously not the case if the insurance company writes it off I suppose.

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The fella in question has a Youtube account in his real name, and I dont think he is doing anything dodgy on trademe.  I get a laugh out of his Youtube vids as he just cant make up his mind on a boat.   Eternal optimist -- I think so.  
If I found out someone had made unsubstantiated claims against me in a thread like this, I'd be contacting the site owner and threatening legal action.  Just because he buys a lot of cheap boats shouldn't have you lot able to slander his reputation on an open forum like this.

Just my two cents, but if I was IT I would be deleting this thread.

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absolutely correct, both of you. I  have no axe to grind on any of his other deals. So- let' stick to the facts- my  only concern was to find out who had bought Metro, so that I could check they understood that the repairs had  not been done on one side.If the buyer knows - great. If not, he needs to know before he puts his kids on it.
How do I know this? I asked  him., I also contacted him to see if he would tell me who had bought the boat - he did not. So -  just the facts about one deal. Any problem with that ? :?:

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On 17/02/2020 at 11:40 AM, 44forty said:

My mate just sold a Tasman 20 for $600 to this guy . It has a seized centreboard and no trailer .


Will be interesting to see what it’s re-listed for and what the trailer and centreboard repairs are like


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