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1 hour ago, Island Time said:

Rehab is on a 90 day "holiday", as he has now passed the max warnings. Down voting posts for no reason was the final warning.

Well done IT, I was more than a little taken aback to see Rehab had down voted me for simply saying "thank you". 


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Well done IT, it might become fun visiting and contributing again.

Another Moderator or two would ease your admin here to filter the noise while keeping the forums interesting. 

Maybe, Why dont you have an election, If you want to be a Mod then apply. IT then puts a list of candidates up and we have a poll - one vote per sign-in - a most votes wins blind poll.

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Does this mean the new pest, opps sorry, Post controls become the old post control rules given the problem has been resolved?

Or at least a 90 day exemption on the new rule and see how it plays out?

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55 minutes ago, Blunt Instrument said:

In Searching for why knotme vanished I found this thread. I disagree! A forum should garnish all opinion and the site should have the ability to let everybody speak freely and be policed by site arranged people empowered to vet the noise out. After all variety is the spice of life.

limiting member voices in order to contain a few idiots is like removing half your spark plugs from you race car in order to reduce your fuel consumption.

this 5 post rule reeks of the sites "overlords" not wanting to engage in managing invaders.


i equate it to the shop limiting customers because they only have one staff member.


This explains the loss of so many great contributors... Wheels, knot me, ....


comment on moderation is not appropriate.  If you want to discuss moderation decisions by the site's owner, you should contact them directly.

Having said that, the area of the site where the owner was having problems is now well controlled, and posts in the various other forums are generally more of a discussion, less of a brawl.  There is no practical limit on postings from members who comply with the basic posting requirements of the site.

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Yeah- I sort of understand the limit, and why. BUT- I always find it disappointing that the solutions to this sort of problem always seem to penalise the innocent. I'm not sure that 95% of us should suffer because of the actions of a few. Bit like vaccinations and roadblocks really.

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