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Three Kings sight seeing cruise

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I'm thinking about it. Have quite a full calendar as it is.

Pretty decent turnout entry wise so far considering the last 3 Kings race had 8 monohulls and 2 multis. 

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On 12/08/2021 at 9:56 AM, waikiore said:

Only a couple of spots left, this could be a great sail-two handed or fully crewed. 

It's a good race to do on a townson ;)

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So I hear, you guys owned that race last time.

I would absolutely love to but November is always mental at work

(boat owners are surprisingly unsympathetic to boat builders going racing)

and I can’t see me having all the Cat 2 stuff sorted by then.

As it is I have decided to just get Cat 3 for the triangle next year and then start working my way through the extra stuff for Cat 2.

Currently oversizing the kite gear and building a new kite pole after last weekends pleasure cruise. Are you doing it on Legacy?

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Fair enough, annoying about your kite pole. We actually banana shaped a couple of poles on dad's twilight years ago and eventually changed the down haul setup which seemed to stop it happening. 

Yep Legacy's entry is in :)

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