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Been to check your mooring lines yet?

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On 24/02/2022 at 4:08 AM, harrytom said:

was up Northcote point way several yrs ago and saw a vessel I had sold and noticed it was moored by the bouy rope,rang the owner and told him what might happen as he really needs to put a hook through ring,"nah she right,been like that 18 months" That week as fate would have it,a storm came through,broke bouy rope and ended up under Northcote point.

Hope my insurance company didn't have to pay out for that one...

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Great photos!

Around 2000 I had Black Fun on one of the way out moorings at Northcote. Went to check on her on the way to work and could see her being towed through pretty much every wave by her mooring line. completely emersed. IOR boat not much buoyancy up front and a very fine entry on probably an oversized mooring for the boat.

Rang a mate, donned wetsuits and whitewater rafted the zodiac out, boarded her amidships as she was pitching pretty violently. Motor started sweet, discarded the mooring and made a beeline for the Westhaven now defunct western entrance. Half way across a monster gust blew us flat with no rag up.

She righted ok and into Westhaven which felt like a millpond in comparison. Ditched Black Fun on an empty marina and went up to the office to sort out a permanent one. Never left until 2 years ago, went to Hobsonville.

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On 26/02/2022 at 3:23 AM, ex Elly said:

Wow you have a good memory! Trackerjack was destroyed that day - no insurance. 😪

It was quite an exceptional month- I think there were 2 severe storms, one much akin to the other, within a week. Something like category 2 level on the Saffir Simpson scale? Seem to remember numbers like 90kts being bandied about. I sat at Birkenhead for an hour or so watching my little keeler pitch violently. Decided there was nothing I could do. Went home. 

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