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Tough day at Waiake Beach

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3 out of 7 boats have come ashore - nearly 50%. 

Probably all of them write-offs.

The Raven hull looks good at first but has split along the port gunwhale from bow to stern.



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Wow ! surprised that there are still swing moorings on a North shore beach, looking at Google they seem to be the only ones, yes they will all be write-offs for sure unfortunately. 

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55 minutes ago, Y88 5241 said:

I'm not sure you can even get insurance for Waiake Beach

I was wondering that too. Some of the other no-insurance mooring areas seem much less dangerous to me. 

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In dealing with insurance companies I have found they  tarred all swing moorings with the same brush in that they saw less risk with Pile Moorings and better still a marina.

Only once in 30 years do I recall a broker commenting that the area my boat is moored in was considered to be relatively protected.

A few years back there was a blow where several vessels in the Tamaki river came adrift with one sinking. I noticed my premium went up at the next renewal and I wonder if we might see this again soon. 

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3 hours ago, Black Panther said:

I was there this morning,  no sign of any boats ever having been on the beach.

R.Shack came along and towed them claiming salvage rights?  😁

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Also saw this, very sad to see. Quite emotional and quite a few people watching all seemed to have a simialr feeling.

Somethign that was something turned in to nothing in front of your eyes....

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Jimmy at Cando Lifting is also experienced at getting boats off beaches. He got the Kathleen (34ft Van de Stad) off Stanmore Bay Beach August last year. He's recovered a number of boats previously.

Also very handy at getting engines in or out of boats (he did mine and many many others), and things like masts. Based on Whangaparaoa and very good rates. He gave the owner of the Kathleen such a good rate he basically didn't charge him, noting his boat had just been written off, and the public service aspect of getting the wreck off the beach before it broke up and spread debri all across the marine environment.

Keep a note if you ever need a man with a 4x4 truck and hiab in a hurry (i.e. you find a boat busted a mooring and need it sorted asap).

4x4 rear mounted palfinger, 22m reach with 240kg out the back.

+64 27 222 6366


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