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Round New Zealand updates


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I see pelagian have gone west ......lets see if they make it to the good winds ??


Good move I reckon. First to the new breeze and lots of choices once the front crosses. Hope they go well.

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Just in from Sunstone,


"Light patchy start, lots of sail evolution for little gain. Surreal took a flyer and gained, then got dumped. Vingilot and Danaide found breeze along the shore and did well. Looked like Truxton led the way again. Sunstone and Pelagian level pegging, until Pelagian went under Surville cliffs, gained then stopped. Pelagian fell into huge black hole off Reinga and not seen again. Sloppy v light sailing in the night, now much better - though not in the right direction. Dolphins, sharks and albatross.


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Poor truxton and expedition. They havnt moved in the last 8 hours and by the time they get moving it wont be long untill they get the crap kicked out of them by the next front.

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looking at the weather models now ...looks like later this week ..not so bad....15 sw... untill about wed next wekkk.. then 35 sw... but who knows....tis changing every day..

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Heres an update from expedition that came through at at 6am. Ive just got access to all updates of the boats so theres a bit more to come as well.


We are semi becalmed, I say semi as we are still moving, but in the way

a dinghy sailor moves forward when they pump their mainsail standing up,

to race back to the beach when racing is cancelled. In our case the boom

is tied firmly out and the pumping of the sail come care of a left over

swell in the Tasman.


I have just download the 6 am positions, and it lools like all of us are

in little wind. We are pressing offshore in a hope to position ourselves

well for the front either today or tommorrow.


Rob is sound asleep which is excellent, and Marina our Nexus Auto Pilot

is in control, she is going a great job. Not sure what the day will

bring, but some more light winds would suit morale on the boat, we could

iron out the last touches of our setup down stairs before the breeze

gets to us.

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From Revs and was uploaded yesterday


hi all


i am writing this as we head up the coast from Mangonui, breeze currently on the nose at about 10-14 kts, sheets slightly cracked as we go. At this stage we are leading the fleet which is great, but there is a long way to go.


we had a good first leg finishing 4th on line, which was a good result. the guys on Truxton had a blinder and deserved their first place.


we had a good rest up at Mangonui and fixed a few things and slept a bit....


seems we might be in for a bit of weather and seaway once we get a bit further south later in the week, but we'll see how that goes


our shore team have done a cracking job for us with Jamie coming up to Mangonui and Cindy sorting all the provisions out - thanks guys


thats all from me and Kimbo for the moment



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Umm, I'm not the best at seeing the big weather picture I admit, but goodness, what's happening with Pelagian? I'm even worse at navigation but west north west just doesn't seem to be an intuative sort of a course to Stewart Island.


Any theories better than damage that's stopping them from sailing on starboard (or am I confusing my ports, starbgoards and wind directions again?

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