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  1. Blue line all the way, can’t sheet a sail as per green line The angle as per forstay comes down to sail cut and how you are using that sail in relation to wind strength and sailing angle IIRC there’s 10 hole positions from light to heavy for a #1 on a 1020, maybe more
  2. I’ve been told that all of Auckland’s volcanoes are monolithic (only erupt once then move on ,nothing to see here) So going north may not help, the average time line between Auckland eruptions is 600 years and the last Rangi was 900 years ago. So if we could have the next one on a cross of Tiri - Channel and Little Barrier - Durville would make an ideal racing mark and ideally with a harbour on the east and west would be great too.
  3. Yes member Very disappointed but didn’t expect anything else I and many others put a huge amount of time into training and marking out the race area with my own boat on practice days and race days to help a little to make it happen here. And Dalton has sold it all to the highest bidder, I feel a bit robbed. Then we wonder why people don’t volunteer now a days
  4. Yes a bit ironic as the two small areas are 80+ metres deep and are the seed beds for the entire area and only accessible to commercial. These two beds were unknown until a few years ago and commercial interests got the powers that be to open up the commercial take from 33 shucked tonnes to 330 shucked tonnes because of these areas, this season the commercial take has only been 17 shucked tonnes So now they close all areas that recreational fishers can access. easy to see who pays the piper.
  5. Pahi was 2014 iirc nevenka got around in 2008 Lots of older boats have done it, your much more suitable than some
  6. Jon

    First boat advice

    You generally find two types of boat owners. ‘The first and where you should aim for is the type that use their boats all the time whilst fixing small stuff, and the type that never or very rarely use their boats as they are constantly working on them. Most here fit somewhere between the two
  7. Depends weather your buying or selling Comes down to willing seller willing buyer To replace with new no change from $50k would be my pick, but could be 100 or more depending on spec
  8. Wasabi has a nice lead with Satellite Spy chasing hard, theses are the two fully crewed boats The Guarantee is currently leading the two handed fleet with High Voltage making big gains overnight ‘Race tracking is on YB
  9. Trophy was donated by SSANZ if I’m not mistaken
  10. Ok next ? Can I upgrade the MFDs now and use existing radar, course computer wind and depth etc and which MFD will fit in hole in panel and stainless box that E80s are now in ? Plus I’ve got navionics card for whole pacific, what will this work in or if buying new mfds just get new charts ?
  11. 90% of my nav is iPad and navionics, if I could get radar and ais off the old system to overlay on navionics plus maybe the fish finder too I’d be sorted
  12. Jon

    Self priming pump

    As above, a small piece of anything under a diaphragm will stop it lifting. So bench test, see if it will suck water up a two metres of tube out of a bucket, if not strip the pump, it would still work when flooded but not suck a vacuum
  13. Didn’t mention have digital radar (2015) and have a evo gyro that I was sold to integrate but doesn’t, still in the box. So if I can keep the good bits will it all interface ? Forward sonar and VHF etc not me Maybe next year
  14. Jon

    Self priming pump

    Pump should suck it up Unless it can suck air somewhere ?
  15. So your saying just save the money for the big upgrade, So I’ve got two E80, wind with two displays autopilot ST7000 depth speed tri data display ais course computer electric drive on steering gearbox How much of this is useable and what’s the ballpark number in SBD (standard boat dollars = $1k)
  16. I’ve got the same era Raymarine gear, all still going fine BUT, wondering if I should be buying cheaply this gear that’s being removed and replaced as spares or just save the money and put it towards the inevitable full replacement ?
  17. It was a winner until it wasn’t Going south early after Piercy was a great move but getting from inside Colville channel to outside Mercury Islands was the killer. After that it was just how long it took is wiggle across the gulf
  18. Who would have thought we could get a cyclone at this time of year ? must be climate change or something This was always going to happen, they should have sent a barge out as soon as it grounded (harbour master that is) there job is surely to look after the harbour ? who pays, we all do, same with clearly abandoned boats on moorings. This isn’t a third world back water
  19. Take beer and time, and also beer
  20. Jon

    Weather apps

    Looks like Channel Island blow to bit at about 0320 this morning
  21. Question When does an grounded wreck become abandoned officially ?
  22. Jon

    Soft shackles

    Martin that’s clever for a cruising boat wouldn’t work on a race boat that wants to peel headsails
  23. Try clamping it in a vice and run a hacksaw through it but don’t over tighten the vice Maybe a new key but epoxy also sounds good
  24. Jon

    Young 88

    If your not looking at doing class regattas buy the one that’s best setup that you can afford motors are the biggest thing then standing rigging, you will spend more doing a boat up than buying one that’s done
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