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  1. I didn’t say when this week or next and all locked up you wouldn’t know anyone was aboard plus is it safer to drive an hour each way twice than stay by myself onboard one night ? or an I just flying a decoy like the rowing verse outboard out to check boat on mooring
  2. Is DP a trailer yacht or a keeler with lifting keel ? or do you want to play both games ?
  3. I am, will go check lines, run engine, genset, watermaker and check bilges etc. I may also remove the 12volt motor from watermaker as bearing needs replacing in centrifugal clutch so can bring that home and replace plus a few other maintenance jobs I was going to do last month And if need be I’ll stay overnight so I don’t need to do two trips to get them done.
  4. 22.0 SAIL NUMBERS AND NAME 22.1 Yachts shall clearly display in legible characters at least 50mm but preferably 100mm in size, their registered name on the hull and YNZ sail number on the mainsail at least. This was pointed out to me doing boat checks for the RNI as per the 2017/2020 Safety regs Name must be on hull, sail numbers on mainsail only, the guy that pointed it out also said we had sail numbers on hull in the NoR so he added to hull (lucky he owns a printing company) So if not stated in NoR then not required on hull
  5. Jon

    Turning off AIS

    I live an hour from boat so leave AIS on plus have email alert setup as above so I know it’s where it should be plus if the boat disappears on marine traffic I know the batteries have possibly gone flat, I leave the fridges on and the breaker tripped (another story) on the shore power. I now have solar so not such an issue but it’s an easy way of checking from a far.
  6. Don’t assume that the SSANZ Triple Series will be business as usual we are planning to be up and running even under level two if we are allowed but it may not be the same as in the past. two sailors per competing yacht should not be a problem, however 10+ people to run the start boat may not be possible by the first race. We are looking at starting options from on shore, this may be anywhere in the harbour and there could be just 3 starts, as in all longhaul boats may start then 20 min later all shorthaul etc or the reverse. we are doing what we can to make this very pop
  7. Jon

    Halyard size

    What SMU found isn’t unusual to happen in the RNI or similar type races yachts that do mostly harbour and the odd coastal race never have a their halyards under tension in the same position for days at a time as you are changing sails at very slight change in direction. However 4 days on the west coast even with just a lazy 3m swell will often create problems you could never imagine in most of the yachts we do. 1m of chafe gaurd at the top and at the jammer isn’t unusual on the boats that do theses events. also the halyards that are under load should always be backed up either t
  8. Keep a watch out for a I Go on trademe, mate picked one up for under $500 from a Offshore cruiser that needed cash for repairs in a hurry. as for the raft a few of us have looked at it and if your going to do more than one trip is best to buy new, not much more than one service however if it’s a one off trip then look for a second hand one thats still in service with at least a year to go, then don’t pay any more than half the service cost ($800ish)
  9. Jon

    Old life raft

    You can try Al Gyre at Sea Wise he runs courses so guess he needs rafts or coast guard
  10. I’ve had a few obviously computer generated texts of late most telling me my appointment has been canceled due to Covid 19 even though I’ve been talking and emailing my specialist to come in. hes said to just ignore all text messages
  11. Jon

    Inverter help

    Sorry if you have this but why 1700w domestic appliance eg electric jug, toaster, microwave, hairdryer etc are all about 2000w why wouldn’t you go 2200 or 2500w and not then need to source special appliances or if it’s just for low draw gear then you can get away with say 400w, that’s what we use to run TV, charge phones and laptop etc just thought I’d ask ?
  12. Spoke to Scot the other day, he’s keen to do a deal, has two buyers looking that are keen Don’t think it will be on the market long so if it’s what your looking for I would wait around Good boats like this don’t stay on the market long
  13. That was a nice watch Anyone got any other documentaries worth watching rather than crap TV However we don’t at least have all that fast food advertising at present
  14. You may be correct They ph my wife and she told me that the marina was not accessible so don’t believe everything you see on the internet
  15. The rules are the rules are the rules in my view otherwise lets just have a free for all
  16. Got a call from Westhaven today they are now locked down apparently
  17. Mate came back yesterday because the 14 days are up since he fly into the country and went straight away on the boat by himself so there will be a bit of that happening in the next week
  18. Video about to go live grab a rum and have a look
  19. Also I think when I looked at it at the boat show a few years back they were asking high 7s if I remember correctly
  20. The Dickson is a lovely boat and heaps of room/ headroom in the current market it’s probably low 3s but definitely worth a look it will do Tonga in 6 days where most 40s will be looking at 8ish doesn’t sound much difference but if you consider forecasting being good for about 4 days then in the Dickson your in the trades or approaching Minerva, where as a 40 your only halfway there if your thinking a mooring I’d seriously consider, the guys that built it have been wanting to sell for a while, it is an orphan so you would want to own it for some time.
  21. You can do that ? i just make the page bigger by zooming in to read maybe a bulk order of old man glasses
  22. Not sure what I’m missing is the Covid 19 thread in marine ?
  23. Thanks for the reply IT on IPad that’s not showing so have to go back to general and then see what’s highlighted also will marine only be available?
  24. Am I missing the new posts button or is it missing ? otherwise great
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