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  1. I don't like what I'm reading, who can I blame for my dumbarse self engaging in pointless interweb bullshit yet again?
  2. Cule will make a custon one, in Henderson, talk to Clive
  3. We've got one on Bad Kitty, as said, it heats the hot water cylinder, so it's not like a califont. But love it, and if you're doing it then I'd add a heater or two, makes the boat warm & dry in the wet or winter.
  4. Fitted the second carbon head. That's this much more Mt Gay with no weight penalty. Gotta be a win!
  5. FFS Splat, I think a lot of us would prefer that it wasn't laid out in black & white like that! Easier to pretend that it isn't that much if Splat doesn't do a damn spreadsheet!
  6. Just sorting out Fiji charts & have some spares, free to a good home if you're headed there soon? 1673 1682 750 1673
  7. We were there Pal, even if you don't see us we see you!
  8. Absolute ars*holes. Goff, POAL, the whole bunch of useless troughing pr*cks. Stated a couple of years ago that "we hear what you are saying" re filling in more harbour, then this. Hiding a wharf extension by calling it a dolphin, because lying is second nature to them. Or possibly first nature, not sure how that works.
  9. 240, but the inverter runs it happily. Li Ion batteries have made a big difference to the boats usability.
  10. This was all very amusing till you threaten my expresso machine KM, bugger off!
  11. Was that what you were meaning?
  12. I find Tonga, Fiji, New Cal is a great winterisation program?
  13. Yep got one on Bad Kitty, does the job well enough, no real downside that I can see. Better than a stand alone Iridium phone for everything except taking with you in the life raft!
  14. Thanks Fish, I'll reach out, I'll let you know if it happens & you can give me an address for the Mt Gay,
  15. Yep done that, he mentioned yours actually! But no nothing at present. So still looking,
  16. Looking for a hull & deck, GRP/glass or similar preferred, 42-47 foot, production cruising boat or something similar. Can be very rough, doesn't need a keel, or rig. Won't be going back in the water, so it could be pretty knocked around. For a film project, what's out there? Ta,
  17. For those of us lacking in any sort of ESP?
  18. And yes that’s the marine safety zone. Different every launch, last few have been longer, due South. That rocket science is actually quite complicated!
  19. February launch, window opens about the 23rd?
  20. Notice to Mariners details the launch safety zone. It is usually about a 10 day window, but is only applied on the actual launch day, which can slide around a bit inside that 10 day window. Safety zone is different each launch, and Rocket Lab tries very hard to accomodate everyone’s needs on a launch day. While absolutely avoiding the potential to drop in excess of 10 tonnes of rocket fuel on you. Boating can take place in the safety zone on the day, you do need to contact Rocket Lab and advise your intentions. If I can work out how I’ll post the next launch cartoon. Re anchoring there, Ma
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