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  1. Yes, replaced the thermocouple with aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32787929278.html I should have ordered 4 to have one spare. No doubt the others will fail at some point. If you order, do so with the slowest shipping, make them cheap as chips. If you are in urgent need I have one spare you could have now while waiting for shipping.
  2. We have just been through this over Easter weekend. Winch has been slowing down over the past year. Solution was to remove the motor, leaving winch drum in place. Dismantled the drive motor, cleaned with brakleen. Removed a lot of old grease, the brushes where gunked up, my guess is this may be your issue. Get the bushes moving freely and in good contact. they don't like a build up of grease where conductivity need to occur. Spray the stator and brushes with CorrossionX. Grease where required. Reassemble and we are away. In fact, i would say she spools faster than ever since we have owned the
  3. Ye we did ours pretty much the same though was up in a craddle on the hardstand. We used a rigging lifting strap thrown over the boom and chain block. Got it to xyz position, released tension, shimmed the strap further out, hoist push out, repeat. We have a 3YM30 so similar in weight. I wouldn't hesitate to do the same again with the boat in the water. 2 person job but saved a Hiab in and out.
  4. May want to have a rethink of your statement above HT, pretty sure Dalts got onboard after the 2003 campaign. https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/team/34_GRANT-DALTON.html
  5. Vernon is a kiwi, great production and imagery in his vlogs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgF3P33zmbewXrksprcvFJA
  6. Thanks Matt, have tried the clean to no avail. Will give Aliexpress a shot.
  7. yeah no problem, hopefully someone out there has what we require!
  8. thermocouple for the grill would see us right for a few more years.
  9. If you have either a prince or princess, working or not please get in touch. thanks Brad
  10. Zatara stopped at Minerva, therefore restarting their clock. They released a comprehensive video of Fiji's "Blue Lanes" initiative. Something that could easily be modified and adopted to apply here. Based on where our current MIQ facilities are located, near large hospitals, hence why Queenstown wasn't utilised, I wouldn't expect this government to allow en mass Q at Opua.
  11. We have run the prop speed program in the past. Works a treat, only thing I would say is that we reapplied yearly do an over night on the Floating Dock sorted us between 2 yearly hull antifoul.
  12. Hi There, what are the numbers on the Bri-Ski? I would be interested if its 16 x 11 m.06. Thanks Brad.
  13. Bradz

    Boat insurance

    We recently change companies and broker. Now with Ando 25% cheaper than our previous insurer. Brent Mullan is our broker - brent.mullan@apexmarine.co.nz
  14. I'd be interested to hear of the result and price, we are coming out over the next few weeks.
  15. We run the trusted Coote heater system on Pretty Woman.. It's awesome and cheap.
  16. Thanks for the input team, much appreciated.
  17. Hi All, we will be replacing our sail drive diaphragms in a few weeks. The question i cant seam to find any great information on is what product to use in gluing the new fairing boot with. I understand the preparation to the hull and the rubber boot itself, however would like to know what adhesive products other have used. Cheers.
  18. Bradz

    ECU repair

    try https://www.thecircuitspecialist.com/ He is in Manukau, repaired an ABS pump unit of mine, for a fraction for the replacement cost.
  19. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Crikey, 94 pages, that will require more attention with a few less quite rums than currently consumed. Thanks for the link.
  20. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Problem you need to consider with the soft shakle option Ed, is the tolerance you have above the headboard to the crane. I have know those who tie a bowline from a friction ring, down side is its never going to be a constant for luff tension.
  21. Bradz

    2:1 halyard hardware

    I'd like to see al the pics/diagrams from this thread Need some light hearted Saturday night reading.
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