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  1. Right ok so you’ve got that upgrade. It sounds like the early SD60s also had a design flaw but then Yanmar finally recognised the problem and made a change so the latest SD60s are different / better?
  2. Fogg


    I’ve had Gori and Volvo both with issues. My latest Maxprop has impressed me - lots of bite fwd and reverse and minimal propwalk.
  3. Have you looked closely at the upgrade kit and what it does to apparently mitigate the SD40/50 problem? Also the choice of lubricant apparently makes a huge difference. I’m still learning about this issue myself but this kind of info is interesting me: https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f114/yanmar-sd40-and-sd50-slipping-saildrive-upgrade-192693.html
  4. Vetus are widely used. Not perfect but work well if you add a touch of vaseline to the big o-ring inside the transparent top cap when you screw it back on. I’ve had them on all my boats fine.
  5. Fogg

    No return valve

    I want to install a non-return valve in the seawater pipe between though-hull valve and raw water pump/impeller on my genset. Purpose being to avoid pump/impeller running dry for first few seconds each time I start genset - which is reducing impeller lifespan. Anyone else done this? And does it make any difference where in the pipe I install the non-return valve? High up close to pump or low down near through-hull? There’s a Vetus strainer in the system so my instinct is to install above that to avoid any leakage back through that (I know they are prone). And finally what’s the best
  6. I’ve just had clutch cone issues with my SD50 (which affects SD40s the same way). My understanding is that the upgrade kit addresses the majority of the issues (slipping cones and oil seal expansion etc). Also I understand a move to SD60 is a popular option - a fundamentally better clutch system but it requires some boatbuilding work as the mounts are different. Like you I like Yanmar engines and have several over the years with had good experience apart from this SD50 issue. My plan is to do the SD40/50 upgrade and see how well that lasts - and then probably change to SD60 medium te
  7. Fogg

    Maxpower suncover

    Will let you know how the 3D printing trial turns out...
  8. Fogg

    Maxpower suncover

    Yeah that’s been suggested and offered actually! Might well try it.
  9. Fogg

    Maxpower suncover

    This is the brand new product - I just installed it to replace my previous sun-damaged unit. The new product doesn’t come with any cover!
  10. Anyone know of an after-market suncover that fits this unit nicely (controller switch 318200 to be precise)?
  11. Pre-Covid I travelled to Japan for business every 6-8 wks. Their culture of personal pride in health & appearance is part of the story. But just in case Big Mac culture threatens the traditional alleyway food scene, new anti-obesity laws are a further incentive to prevent ‘lazy corporate guy’ growing a waist size of >34 inches (or something like that) and women similar. Imagine the backlash here in NZ if employers had to monitor their staff’s BMI and pay more tax for having fat workers. True story.
  12. We both share abundant access to seafood but for cultural reasons we have almost diametrically opposed health outcomes. Medical science ranks Japan as one of the healthiest nations on earth (indeed Okinawa is one of the world’s 5 Blue Zones and a rich seafood diet is a scientifically proven direct contributory factor - not just the eating but even the hunter-gather lifestyle plays a part apparently). In contrast we obviously have a different cultural relationship with food in NZ which is a shame because the benefits of our abundant access to seafood - in the shops or directly hunter-gathe
  13. Well done. In one sentence you have quite spectacularly: 1. Conflated 2 issues 2. Turned the words around 180 degrees 3. And turned a true statement into a factual error I couldn’t have achieved that if I’d tried it - this might be some kind of record. Well done!!!
  14. This is such a paradox to me. For such a sparsely populated island nation we have spectacularly decimated our seafood resource. And in return we are one of the unhealthiest (read “obese / overweight”) nations in the developed world. Other countries that have such a close affinity with the sea - like the Japanese - are some of the world’s healthiest. WTF?!
  15. I had that once but the engine still started quite happily with it in engaged in slow astern - whereupon it immediately released and returned to neutral as normal.
  16. This time of year especially with direct sun on the screen yes b hot. My last Raymarine Axiom Pro screen actually went into hibernation if it got too hot with direct sun on it for a couple of hours.
  17. Hah! Gust Buster is a Raven 31 that I used to race on out of the Weiti about 15+ yrs ago.
  18. Sherpa spotted in MoW. A few secs earlier it was in the vertical ‘victory’ position. Can’t accuse them of lack of planning... just in case it continues to go well for Ineos...
  19. Yes. Although technically once you have been issued with the Maritime NZ registration number you are supposed to display it somewhere visible on your hull - they define font size and other details when they send you your registration. Also, there are 2 registration options Part A and B. A is for commercial vessels but for a private vessel seeking registration simply for offshore purposes you only need Part B - which is about $500 from memory (A is about $3-5k I think depending on your size).
  20. Overseas trips is really the main advantage - or if you’re selling the boat to someone contemplating it. Clutching at straws the only other ‘advantage’ is that as a registered Maritime NZ vessel you officially qualify for protection by NZ navy vessels (or their allies) if you ever needed it. Maybe piracy issues if you were travelling - but again you’d need the number anyway to depart! I have NZ registration for a slightly different reason - mainly because it made it much easier to explain to Malaysian officials why Fogg was being sailed through a restricted area and loaded onto a cargo sh
  21. I’ve had multiple issues with 2nd alternators (inc Balmar) mounted on Yanmars primarily due to misalignment - which leads to all sorts of problems. If you’re getting a 2nd one mounted make sure it is confirmed 100% aligned and don’t muck about with v-belts (even good quality doubles) just go straight for a serpentine.
  22. Yes you have to be really careful around that point. And the problem I’ve found there (and other similar spots) is that over-familiarisation over many years can easily leave to over-complacency. Not saying that’s what happened here but I know I’ve given myself a few ‘wake up calls’ over the years despite being in home waters!
  23. What are my options here (apart from trashing the thing)? Obviously not a new puncture. How would I repair a repair?
  24. Problem solved temporarily (although like many temp solutions it might end up lasting a while). A friend had an adaptor that fits perfectly into the 1 in valve and even has an o-ring on it to improve the seal. At the other end I taped it tightly to the end of paddleboard pump hose and it works (for now)!
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