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  1. Same question to be asked of Westhaven slowly clearing out all the pole mooring users. It was the only real middle ground in terms of price and they seem determined to get rid of it.
  2. https://archive.ph/aIEh6 there you go Given the protest at waiheke about extending an exisiting sea wall for a fully consented marina project, I can't imagine a fast track project is going to go terribly smoothly either.... The RMA does need reform, but I don't think buying taking Shane Jones to lunch is the fix we need. Very concerning that a sole minister can override the courts that are the only mechanism to keep parliament in check.
  3. guess that's one way to sort out all the surplus boats filling up marinas....
  4. My bmw has an explosive battery lead among other safety features. Nope, that's not a typo! It's meant to cut power to the engine bay in event of accident to reduce fire risk.... Now that might be a be a bit overkill for my little boat, but at least having a starter circuit fuse probably makes sense in a lot of vessels. I've seen a few tractors and utes melt their battery leads due to things like short circuits from chafing, or even alternator issues melting cable insulation!
  5. Having looked now, there appears to be an agent on trademe dealing in these! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/marina-berths/listing/4390587382
  6. do you know what type of lithium it was? I understand some chemistries are far safer than others, and having the correct chargers and circuit protection is also important. You make a good point though.... I'm sticking with AGM lead in mine securely strapped down low where they can act as ballast. The keel is already 900kg of lead so whats the harm of another 40 right? LiFePO is less energy dense than what you get in your phone for example, but far far safer. That, and I certainly would not be mucking around with some unknown brand of battery cells.
  7. One bad batch of fuel and the ship has to be sent to Singapore?! Is this ship robust enough for us, or are we just that short sighted when it comes to maintaining skilled people and capability?
  8. this idea just sounds like an annual registration with levy to me those disposal (and admin) costs go up with inflation, and the existing abandoned boats wont be paying any bonds I'm surprised that the aluminium, copper and lead aren't enough to cover a an old rusty digger smashing it up for an hour.... but I suppose it gets to be made much more complicated than that.
  9. "A proper lookout is not required at all times at anchor. However, at times a proper lookout will be required at anchor, such as when the prevailing circumstances and conditions indicate a risk to vessels or people. "Generally accepted standards of seamanship will always apply, even if a continuous watch is not required. The master is responsible for ensuring an adequate watch is kept that is appropriate for the conditions, such as intermittent checks and the use of anchor alarms." common sense prevails! becoming a rare event these days it seems. good - I'd never get any slee
  10. Interesting discussion here, having just had recent drama again with Westhaven mucking us about on the Pole moorings - they clearly have no plans to keep any cheaper options available long term. $450 a month for an 8m pole mooring! - it's 5 times the going rate from harbourmaster or any boat club. It's really no wonder though that yachting is getting older and less of us younger generation are taking it up - all our money, time and effort is being sucked up into real estate via rents and mortages. There certainly is a reckoning coming via westhaven in 2026, and while it's totall
  11. ..... what about boaties looking to rent a berth without buying an apartment? Sounds like owners can lease them out, so I suppose we just keep an eye on trademe?
  12. I've learnt the hard way that some replacement parts are best kept as genuine or OEM... I think the impellor fits that category for me.
  13. yeah while I'm sure some might see this as a way out of their predicament, I'd fully expect insurance companies to be extremely prejudiced in their assesssment of such losses.
  14. That massive drege tool certainly seems to be our best bet to actually work at at scale needed, but the photo of sizable weed mass washing up on the beach at blind bay isn't encouraging
  15. where did the missing vane go? Hope it isn't lodged somewhere unfortunate.....
  16. Fanworm is a complety different pest, and since the freshwater cleared most of it out in Jan 2023, in 2024 I've noticed it making a comeback on U pier. It's a shame to see it growing again without intervention since nature gave the marina a big hand in managing it there.
  17. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/ldr/508904/70-boats-illegally-anchored-in-bay-of-islands-caulerpa-ban-area-over-summer In the news again....
  18. Yeah, I think he's on point with that last comment there. Rest of the article is completely unrelated to the actual issue of abandoned boats - that rusting eyesore has long been sold to another owner, as the article (eventually) gets around to mentioning. Usual trash for the herald these days - more of a gossip tabloid than any actual news, all just a thinly veiled advertising channel for real estate.
  19. Yeah I figured the weather may have put a few off.... Although I did derive quite a bit of entertainment watching some madman putting up their Gennaker/Code0 in those gusts. It went exactly as one would imagine, with the boat ahead of him pulling away with far less sail and far less drama 😂 He even got into a broach situation right where you'd expect while getting past the ports. Great to watch, but not sure what the skipper thought was going to happen exactly....
  20. Because they were anchored within the CAN area.... the thing they aren't allowed to do in the area they're doing it....
  21. Direct message sent. Much appreciated!
  22. I suppose nobody would have a bosuns chair handy at Home Bay, Rotoroa? We had a shroud cover kindly land on deck today and it's a few more days till we get back to westhaven...
  23. motorb

    Pier 21

    So they got rid of the harstand next to their luxury retirement village project and are turning it into eateries and other amenity for their existing development plans while adding another drydock and few berths to add value and probably meet land use zoning requirements. We're still left desperately short on haulout facilities. It's also a weird name....
  24. Please don't give the h&s people any more ideas! What may seem obvious to you doing a job, isn't necessarily obvious to others making rules about the job....
  25. Same here, but I also find bicycles to be far more dangerous than motorbikes when riding in traffic. Ebikes are an improvement in power and stability but the brakes are still sorely lacking... and while pedaling might be hot work, my Ducati has a habit of burning my leg while stopped in traffic.... The fact is cyclists and motorcyclists are exposed to the exact same hazard around town yet only one is expected to be dressed for the event and yet they are the best capable to get out of a tight spot quickly and aside from licensing they often have specific training alongside that too.. One g
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