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  1. I heard the same story from the guys at the Glenfern Estate.
  2. The Dragonfly is great as you can keep it on a regular marina berth. I had a 10mtr version years ago, sailed it from Stockholm to the South Coast of the UK. Nice easy trip. Had a Corsair 28R too, a lot faster but basic for cruising.
  3. WindDan was Awesome! Went to check the wind at Bean Rock this morning and it's gone! Anyone know Daniel Pooley as he wrote it.
  4. I have an Aero with a 9 and a 7 rig. It's an awesome boat but it has not taken off here as it has overseas yet. Fingers crossed it does as I'd love to race it properly like my Zephyr with big fleets.
  5. Clive

    Racing insurance

    Sort of on topic ... I hear that insurance in no longer a mandatory requirement for racing. The previous requirement by YNZ was to keep inline with other countries for injury but as we already have insurance (ACC) this is no longer the case.
  6. Hey guys, Anyone used this flooring product? www.udekcustom.co.nz Longevity, ease of fitting?
  7. Got down to Westhaven at around 9.30pm and it was crazy. There were a few on the pontoon checking out their boats. We secured a yacht on V that had broken its bow line. Good job there was a centre pole or it would have been smashing up against the boat next to it. As it was it was bashing the pole a lot. We gave up trying to pull the yacht's bow back to the pontoon as we just didn't have the strength. We had to run a line from the bow back to a winch and winch her in. Furled a jib on W and tied it off and tried to secure a few covers. The big Oyster's jib on T was flogging badly. Someone
  8. What's the deal with this boat in Rocky Bay on Waiheke? It's been here for years and is now a seagull hangout and mussel farm.
  9. Sailing out of the Broken Islands on my Zephyr looking towards Little Barrier...
  10. Great replies! Got to fill my dive tank at Fitzroy so I'll get around to to completing the formula later.. Cheers Scottie! See you soon Ken, it's lovely out here
  11. Pondering wine this morning I was wondering how much power it takes to get my bottle of wine at 20 deg C down to a nice 7 deg. How many amps is it going to cost my battery? Any thoughts?
  12. Use one of these, it has all the gauges you need and can give you great coffee to boot! It will need attaching to the top of the mast for accurate readings. Takes a while to calibrate. NMEA2000.
  13. Clive

    Fender Material

    Sorry, I should have been a more specific, I want to make an inflatable fender to go around a Zephyr so I don't bash it. Kinda like the tubes on an inflatable dinghy. I can sail into it and from it - bit like a dock.
  14. Clive

    Fender Material

    That's a good idea. Forgot to add .. I want to make an inflatable fender.
  15. Clive

    Fender Material

    Anyone know where I can get some material for making a fender?
  16. Clive

    AC day 4

    Anyone got a copy of Race 14 - Art v ETNZ? I would love to see the full race.
  17. Clive

    AC day 4

    Excellent! Thanks for this .. it is the only way I get to see the race!
  18. He was taking some good shots of the TPs when I saw him.
  19. Great course! We all got to practice injections, staple up deep cuts and patch people up Thanks Dr Dave, trauma nurse Bex and RAYC. Double injection .. going Hollywood on the injections! This not how you do it btw! Staple gun patch up .. the chicken survived!
  20. Excellent! Antonia and I are booked in!
  21. Ah so that explains it - "designed by French interior designer Philippe Starck " It was designed from the inside out!
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