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  1. Your kids are clearly more advanced than mine. Our 18 month old was just pleased to be up at 5am drinking milk with the TV on rather than screaming Dadda from the cot. . . . . and so was I
  2. Do these systems have enough grunt ie battery power, to haul a large anchor and chain off a deep bottom? Its a big 12 volt drain on my boat, or would you need to go to a manual winch for this? I don't hit the button on my windlass without the engine running as it draws some big amperage especially in deep water.
  3. Ahh, the old TBC!. I'm glad I wasn't the only idiot to get a keeler under that bridge on a flood tide and into a power boating club. I trust Charlie didnt pickle your liver
  4. The good ones come with a receipt and a 12 month warrantee. You buy it You use it You wreck it, You return it You get a new free one, and repeat
  5. Have you looked for a new or used part online but offshore? I know OEM VolvoPenta parts are a fraction of the local price if you source them abroad and i might be the same for Yamaha
  6. Heres the old thread on Outward Bound http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/9936-outward-bound/
  7. Oh what a shame. I remember meeting him as a kid when he was building NZ Endeavour (?) in a shed in Port Chalmers
  8. Not necessarily true. Green zinc chromate primer is often applied to alloy boats and most often planes to reduced long term corrosion. Its that opaque green stuff you'll often see on alloy plane interiors.
  9. That's not really a fair representation of profit Wheels, manufacturing is possibly the cheapest part of the equation. You need to add in the hardware R&D, the software R&D and the R&D on all the products that failed and didn't make it to market. There is significant financial investment and risk that goes into these things before they make a buck. If you phoned up Who Flung Dung it China and asked him to develop and manufacture a Samsung or Apple beating phone for $300 he'd spit out his fried rice with laughter.
  10. We copped it as well. A leaf was blown off a tree at our North Shore office.
  11. I've also seen canvas gutters made that catch all the rain off your mainsail while sailing. Basically a long rectangle of canvas that domes onto the boom and main that collects the water and sends it down a pipe to your tanks.
  12. The same gig applies when you stay at a hotel or rent a car. That is, you're required to swipe your credit card so they can pre approve their potential liability should you drink the contents of the mini bar, trash your room and leave, or in the case of a rental car, have a prang and they need the excess money for the insurance.
  13. Im glad Im not the only one, I think the term is 'plausible deniability' ie if you dont know the number and the missus asks, without telling a lie you can honestly state you don't know.
  14. I got stung 5% duty + GST on an aussie built boat back in 2007. I heard the duty was winding down, but I hadn't heard that its gone completely yet so it would pay to check
  15. So you can have a pint and drive.
  16. Good grief TwoSail, so many inaccuracies and so little time!, but at the risk of this turning into a political debate, let me correct you on just a few glaringly obvious inaccuracies while i munch on my lunch, Anyway must go, sandwich is finished and I need to count my non baby boomer pile of cash. property portfolio whilst lounging on the boat.
  17. I did this about 10 years ago and it was worthwhile then, but things have changed i.e. the NZ second hand market has bombed and boats here are a lot cheaper now than they were back in the mid 2000's. As IT says, you probably wont make a buck, but you'll probably get a great adventure and a cheap holiday.
  18. I wonder if insurance in involved? Personally, i could put up with a crap-load of discomfort if i was going to loose $200k of uninsured boat, but id be less inclined if the boat was full insured. Fuel and food could easily be dropped off.
  19. Hey E, Just to confirm, is that a Noelex 30/Farr 9.4? The reason I ask is that my head is telling me we'd get more use for less cost out of a trailer sailor rather than the current 42ft keeler and the Noelex 30 is on my "interested" list as a large, production TL Nice boat and set-up btw. Thanks TL
  20. Hard to say from the photo, but the road rule is stay left unless overtaking.
  21. Brilliant facebook page! Thanks for sharing, I'm about to become its biggest contributor. Morons in the right lane drive me nuts, every fookin day.
  22. Ullrich Aluminium sell a specialised, rubbery sanding block that brings up aluminium beautifully.
  23. Whats everyones gut feel or observations on demand and prices for marina berths in and around Auckland, particularly 12m berths. Is demand and prices on the increase or decrease? The reason I'm asking is that I've been offered the option to buy my current berth from its private owner. I'm currently subletting on very reasonable terms of roughly opex + 10%, however the owner now wants out and has offered me first dibs on the berth at a reasonable market rate. I've previously regarded marina berth ownership as a lousy investment however as Akl grows I'm wondering if its time to commit and s
  24. I've been progressively swapping the old 12v filament style bulbs with LEDS as the old ones expire. Its a straight forward bulb swap that works fine unless they're on dimmers . Mitre 10 were selling 5 packs for $20. IIRC an old 50 watt bulb is replaced with a 4 watt LED
  25. Not sure I buy that explanation Wheels. I can buy retrofit, 12V, broad spectrum LED's for my house from Mitre 10 for $4 and there's no noticeable difference with the old filament bulbs.
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