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  1. Is this the answer? Also despite google and duckduckgo I don't know what 1. galvanised swivel bar is 2. H-Lock
  2. Amazing stuff! The buoy is pretty much smack bang between Kawau and Coromandel 36.433437,175.13031 Is there a quick way to see how many major wave trains are active? At a glance, Peak Spread over a few days seems to be tide-correlated? So that might not be the measure.
  3. Thanks Matt I'll have to get mine fixed. Have been meaning to sew some measuring tapes to the links so now is a good chance.
  4. Sounds like blaming roads for accidents. Though driving up Hunua Range the other day some idiots in the Roads Dept had put a 100 km speed limit sign at the exact part of the road where it starts up the gorge and becomes narrow and gets very windy and my max safe speed was 50 km/hr!! Made me want to start a website: stupidthingsIsawtoday.com
  5. Am I wrong? My depth sounder picked up very shallow sunken danger in an area which I estimated at 1/4 nm off the eastern entrance to Waiau Bay which didn't seem marked on my updated chart. Scary, but didn't touch. I was too busy hightailing it out of there to think of pressing MOB to record the exact location and am not inclined to try again. Comments?
  6. Thanks Matt. Leaving aside the budget for a moment, what boats would be on a good short list of modern designs that ?would give equivalent safety and perhaps forgiveness for short-handed crew.
  7. To take a slightly different tack and pick up on Matt's point about the increased options in vessels these days, are there any boats of more modern design and open transom that would do the trick?
  8. I have to agree with erice. Offshore is a quantum leap in terms of experience required, possible risk, Cat 1 standards for the boat (good liferaft alone adds big bucks, not to mention reliable self steering of more than one kind) and backups of backups for most of your systems. I also dreamt of long offshore voyages perhaps single-handed or with small crew. Having done a 32 day trip from Tahiti to Chile, I now would not do an extended voyage with fewer than four crew (for safe and not too tiring watch rotations). This probably means a bigger boat. Have fun.
  9. OK done again. I'm enjoying my new job as a click monkey, but it's worth it for your great website Matt!
  10. OK done! But just to let you know, I'm unclear what "the advert" is and no advert seems to show on my browser.
  11. Hey Rigger. Sounds like fun. Am I misunderstanding though? Don't you bring it down to the horizon not meridian?
  12. Wow, awesome DavidT, Thanks so much. It puts me in mind that someone should invent a nice sextant training app. It would be linked to a GPS and tell you the angle you should expect and your margin of error in nm.
  13. Hoping to get an idea from the granddads and other old salts with more experience than me, how many days experience and practice did it take you to take decent sightings on the bouncy waves?
  14. tuffyluffy, after a few days at sea perhaps your gismos will run out of power? Do the Davis plastic sextants float? Maybe. But you'd be pretty silly to rely on it. If your sextant is on a lanyard around your neck and you are tethered on, as you should be at sea taking readings, it's pretty unlikely to go overboard. Whereas I can see electrics failing as much more likely.
  15. tuffyluffy, have you ever seen electrics fail out on the ocean?
  16. Thanks John? I tried that with my noon shots but still wasn't happy. How long did it take you to be happy with your proficiency?
  17. Speaking of using a sextant, I tried for quite a few days on the bouncy waves during an ocean crossing a few years ago. But I couldn't quite get good consistent readings I was happy with. Am I a slow learner, does my heavy spectacles prescription make it hard? How long does it take most people to become proficient on the bouncy waves?
  18. I saw a brand new sextant for sale on trademe but it had been stored for a long time. One of the questions was whether the mirrors had blurred. The answer was, yes one had. Can anyone tell me what's all this about?
  19. Bought musto drysuit from UK HPX Ocean Drysuit SH1604 -small size Bought from Neil Alford over internet and phone neilalford@oceanleisure.co.uk he emailed me 21 Sept 2009 saying dispatched £995, the cost of sending this to you via UPS is an additional £65 which includes insurance up to £1000. Advantage is complete seal with rubber neck, wrists and ankles. I've tested in pool at Survival at Sea course and floated happily (though my sea boots sank). You could last a few days in this I reckon and you can inflate from the outside with a blower like the inflatable PDFs.
  20. Is that celox as in the wonderful product (medically prepared from powdered shell) which stops bleeding instantly? Thanks for reminding me to get some more for the first aid kit.
  21. Thanks Matt You're awesome! Now I just want to be able to automatically go to the chart I select, instead of where OpenCPN thinks my "boat" is, currently the other end of NZ! As the manual notes "As you switch Groups the logic tries to select a chart and scale that closely matches the situation present before the switch. As you may understand, sometimes the fit is not reasonable, so the resulting view may be surprising." Surprising is not the word! It took me ages to find the tiny dot of the chart on a stylised line drawing of the whole of NZ and then zoom to a useful look.
  22. I've got all the LINZ charts in one directory. I want OpenCPN to display only ONE chart. Is there a simple way to do it? The alternative and slow solution was to delete the directory listing for the LINZ charts in the Options, Charts area of OpenCPN. And then to put a temporary directory listing with the one chart I wanted and then to close down and reopen. Also is there a way to automatically avoid OVERZOOM. When I move between charts, depending on the zoom level and the scale of the next chart, I get awful problems. It seems to happen with and without quilting. Pavel has
  23. It's exactly the sort of question NOAA is happy to answer if it's not on their website already. I've had a nice exchange recently with comms boss Erica Rule and scientist Neal Dorst. Erica.Rule@noaa.gov neal.m.dorst@noaa.gov On cyclone forward speeds I asked: Is it worth clarifying whether these averages vary over land/sea? http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/tcfaq/G16.html Answer: Yes, these are the forward speed of storms over both land and sea. The HURDAT database, from which these speeds were derived, does not contain any information about whether the storm is over land or sea at
  24. Thanks for the heads up Matt. Can anyone advise best LED standalone option that I could screw on and off? And I think boats in a night race without proper lights should be disqualified instantly, end of story.
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