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  1. I saw a brand new sextant for sale on trademe but it had been stored for a long time. One of the questions was whether the mirrors had blurred. The answer was, yes one had. Can anyone tell me what's all this about?
  2. Bought musto drysuit from UK HPX Ocean Drysuit SH1604 -small size Bought from Neil Alford over internet and phone neilalford@oceanleisure.co.uk he emailed me 21 Sept 2009 saying dispatched £995, the cost of sending this to you via UPS is an additional £65 which includes insurance up to £1000. Advantage is complete seal with rubber neck, wrists and ankles. I've tested in pool at Survival at Sea course and floated happily (though my sea boots sank). You could last a few days in this I reckon and you can inflate from the outside with a blower like the inflatable PDFs.
  3. Is that celox as in the wonderful product (medically prepared from powdered shell) which stops bleeding instantly? Thanks for reminding me to get some more for the first aid kit.
  4. Thanks Matt You're awesome! Now I just want to be able to automatically go to the chart I select, instead of where OpenCPN thinks my "boat" is, currently the other end of NZ! As the manual notes "As you switch Groups the logic tries to select a chart and scale that closely matches the situation present before the switch. As you may understand, sometimes the fit is not reasonable, so the resulting view may be surprising." Surprising is not the word! It took me ages to find the tiny dot of the chart on a stylised line drawing of the whole of NZ and then zoom to a useful look.
  5. I've got all the LINZ charts in one directory. I want OpenCPN to display only ONE chart. Is there a simple way to do it? The alternative and slow solution was to delete the directory listing for the LINZ charts in the Options, Charts area of OpenCPN. And then to put a temporary directory listing with the one chart I wanted and then to close down and reopen. Also is there a way to automatically avoid OVERZOOM. When I move between charts, depending on the zoom level and the scale of the next chart, I get awful problems. It seems to happen with and without quilting. Pavel has
  6. It's exactly the sort of question NOAA is happy to answer if it's not on their website already. I've had a nice exchange recently with comms boss Erica Rule and scientist Neal Dorst. Erica.Rule@noaa.gov neal.m.dorst@noaa.gov On cyclone forward speeds I asked: Is it worth clarifying whether these averages vary over land/sea? http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/tcfaq/G16.html Answer: Yes, these are the forward speed of storms over both land and sea. The HURDAT database, from which these speeds were derived, does not contain any information about whether the storm is over land or sea at
  7. Thanks for the heads up Matt. Can anyone advise best LED standalone option that I could screw on and off? And I think boats in a night race without proper lights should be disqualified instantly, end of story.
  8. Found this while duckduckgoing ["keel bolts" pockets] Best site I've seen on keel bolts: http://www.sailmagazine.com/boatworks/why-do-fin-keels-fail
  9. Did I hear correctly that this evening at about 1830 on #16 then #71, another 15 ft runabout in the area with 4POB and no form of communication couldn't get their motor started?
  10. yes please, can I get the email info?
  11. Sailability Whangaparaoa Official Opening 31 Jan 2015 Sat 2.30pm Hobbs Wharf, Fairway Bay, Gulf Harbour RSVP: Sailabilityauckland@xtra.co.nz or Phone Tim 0274844716
  12. Thanks Dom How did you check for movement? What does "opening the pockets" mean?
  13. My furler (Reefurler) was spinning and getting in a tangle. I discovered that part of the problem (in addition to possible user error) may be that the mousing on the bottlescrew of the forestay had failed. Some things are still bugging me. 1. Is the stainless mousing wire enough to handle the extra forces of the furling line and furler, or should I replace with something else? 2. The arms (the drum is not an enclosed container) on the furler might not be enough to stop it throwing loops of furling line in some conditions. 3. While troubleshooting I spun the whole unit a couple
  14. Thanks for link to earlier topic. Possibly a piece of string question, but what are the guidelines on assessing need for new chain/galvanizing. We all know a lousy thin weak corroded one when we see it, but how to get it the stage when it's needing doing?
  15. Yep, knew it was left hand (clockwise to release). Got the visegrips onto the plastic and muscled it off to reveal not a hex nut but a dimpled surface I could get multigrips onto. It's off now and I'll hunt around for an O-ring. Thanks for the hint!!
  16. I took the aluminium gas bottle off the boat for refilling. The plastic handwheel that is part of the regulator assembly turns around and around (clockwise) but clicks over and doesn't turn the male brass fitting it is attached to. It seems like the brass has seized inside the thread of the gas bottle and the attachment of the handwheel to the brass may have broken. There's not enough space to get multigrips or vise-grips onto the thread between the plastic handwheel and the bottle. Before I hacksaw off the plastic handwheel so that I can get some tools onto the brass, does any
  17. I'm still fairly new to boats and FEEL (perhaps wrongly) I've been ripped off twice already within six months, having just bought a second-hand Easterly 30. Maybe I'm just paranoid. So here's how I'm going to proceed in future: tell the suppliers they are the experts and ask for a firm price. In deciding who should take the risk of unforeseen complications, the risk should generally fall on the expert I think. If the job is one in which unforeseen issues can definitely arise (and I understand this), I'll be asking them to halt work while I come and have a look and get their briefing to the
  18. Welcome! I imagine you are wanting to get some experience under your belt. At this stage I'd go for anything that roughly meets your requirements - I wouldn't get too hung up on the design because you'll be wearing your lifejackets and have two forms of waterproof communications with you. Check: www.traileryachts.org.nz For learning on, a 16 foot trailer sailer with three POB is sorta in the cracks between a small dinghy (which I think is best to learn on) and a small keeler (23-24 footer). Small keelers are generally a bit cheaper in my experience than similar trailer sailers.
  19. I guess the Dashew system is less damaging to the seabed. I can envisage a new system where the need for elasticity to avoid shock loadings is handled by specialised fibres, perhaps linked inside protected links so they don't chafe. Then good bye to anchor chains.
  20. That was my thought about its lines too.
  21. I'd be interested to hear people's views about the design of the upturned dinghy found in Rangitoto Channel. Also does anyone know the brand? Here's the story http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/64438757/upturned-dinghy-sparks-search
  22. Thanks again Island Time I see what you mean. I think I'll have to go and take some photos. I see from the various Easterly 30 photos I have of other boats that there are differences between them. I've just spoken to a boat builder who owns one who thinks I should get a maltese cross bollard with 4 bolts and secure it properly, but will need to see the boat and see if it will interfer with the chain winch. If you can recommend a couple of good boat builders in Auckland? kevin1mccready@gmail.com You can see I'm still pretty new to this sort of thing.
  23. Thanks Island Time I deliberately didn't want to post pics or describe the current arrangment, because I'm after the best solution. So I'd like to learn. It sounds like four bolts and a substantial backing plate would be good. But what dimensions and how to fix that into the structure? In the last storm I saw a boat washed up on the rocks that had had the whole front of it ripped out. The front of the boat was probably still attached to the mooring. So it's that I want to avoid.
  24. I have an Easterly 30 on a swing mooring in Okahu Bay Auckland. This is a high wave energy area and the bolt securing the front cleat has been snapped. Any advice I can get on the best system to rebuild the front would be appreciated. loa 9.14m lwl 7.31m boa 3.04m draft 1.7m displacement 4330kg ballast 1070kg sail area 37m2 designer Claude Alan Smith year designed 1970 numbers in NZ (approx) 30
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